Cancel Timed Actions is cancelling Periodic Trigger event


In RM 4, I want to cancel a Fade Dimmer Action using the Cancel Timed Action, however when executed I see a problem. It is cancelling the Periodic Trigger by mistake.

Can we get these fixed in the next release? Screen shots below.


I am a little confused by your rule as written above... Is that the final rule, or just an example? The way it is written, there really is no reason for you to cancel any part of this rule. It will be triggered two times, each week. That's it. The actions will be completed long before the next trigger.


It's just an example to simplify the explanation. I have a valid use case. Why would the above cancel the trigger itself? The action commands should encapsulate the the action section only, right?


I would tend to agree with that assumption. Tagging @bravenel to get his thoughts.


That action has always worked this way. Perhaps there needs to be an action to stop fades.

This will be added to the next release.


Bruce - help me understand... Are you saying that "Cancel Timed Actions" should, or should not, cancel the "Periodic Trigger" of the rule? I thought that was @jpoeppelman1's original concern? I would think that "Cancel Timed Actions" would only cancel timers that are part of the Actions section, not the Triggers.


That's what the legend says where you select it! So yes, it does what the legend says.


Yes, need an action to stop fades and an action should never affect a trigger... Bug fix?


An action will cancel a trigger?!? What? I don't understand this at all. IF you have a trigger for a rule that runs every 2 hours, you can cancel that trigger with the cancel actions within the rule?!? When would the trigger start again? Never? The next time the hub rebooted?


Please rum my example above. You are not understanding..


Obviously...that's why i'm asking. LOL


Bear in mind this action was created to allow other rules to stop some rule, for whatever reason. Without it, there is no way for that to happen with Periodic. How does it get started again? The same way it got started in the first place, by hitting Done.

How else do you suggest stopping Periodic? Granted, that could be yet another dedicated action. The use of this within a rule to stop a fade was not the original intent. That action will be in the next release.

This action has always done the same thing it does now. It's name changed for clarification, but not what it does. Perhaps you didn't happen to use it with Periodic before.


So, you can stop a periodic trigger from another rule....would but you can't restart it without going into the UI? Running the action would only run it once, correct? I fail to see the use of canceling a periodic trigger. Especially when there's no way to restart it.


In the past we had stop actions which would stop fades. Now cancelling time actions inadvertently affects trigger. My view is no action should affect a scheduled or subscribed trigger. Triggers should live on an island..


Hitting Pause.


There is no other way to start a Periodic.


Pause is a different use case altogether. Bad idea..


If i have a periodic fade and I want to cancel that periodic fade, that isn't possible because they are all tied in together. Or if I have a periodic rule with a wait in it, I can't cancel that wait because it will also cancel the trigger. I thought triggers were separate.


Yes, you could pause the rule. What you have here is a bit of developmental history. Stop Rule Actions came long before Pause. Backwards compatibility means that you can't just change what an action means or does. Stop Rule Actions has always stopped Periodic. That's not going to change. It's been exposed that there is a need to stop Fades by some other means, so that's happening.

Ranting about this isn't going to change the way it has always worked, and will continue to work.

As I've now said a number of times. the next release will have Stop dimmer fade action. OK?


But canceling a wait or a delayed action in a periodic rule will cancel the trigger? I'm just trying to understand so that I know what the limitations are.

I don't understand this. You can leave the current cancel the way it is and then make a new action (like you're doing for the fade) that won't affect a periodic trigger. I fail to see how that isn't backwards compatible. Why can't the new cancel just cancel things within the action and not affect the periodic trigger?