Cancel Timed Actions is cancelling Periodic Trigger event


No, only the one action that used to be called Stop Rule Actions, now called Cancel Rule Timers, does that. Cancelling a delay does not cancel Periodic.

Waits are cancelled by every trigger event, and every other Wait. Repeats are stopped by Stop Repeating Actions. So what is it that you need to stop and don't have a way to?

The action in question is intended to stop everything pending in a rule. It even stops repeats that don't have stop selected, and delays that don't have cancel selected. That's it's purpose.

Articulate some real need that exists that you can't do.... That's what the OP managed to do.


That is not my question at all. My question was, can we cancel one without canceling the other. But it sounds like we can't.

Cancel a delay in a rule action without canceling the periodic trigger. I think that has been pretty clear. You've been yelling at me about it for 10 minutes.


All you have to do is select Cancel on the delay, and you can then cancel it. That does not cancel Periodic.


Okay, I lead engineering teams and even I'm confused at this point. :). Do we have a confirmed bug or do I need to convince further? No yelling unless it is all caps..


That is the question I asked in my first post in this thread to which you answered it did. Thank you for finally listening to me.


So....wait....the OP said that he was canceling timed actions and that was canceling the periodic trigger.....if that's not true then what's the issue?????

Look at the title of the thread for goodness sake!!!!


It affects the trigger, end of story. Try it for yourself


He just said it doesn't. And since he wrote it, I'll believe him.


This thread is all about "Cancel Timed Actions".

No, this is not a bug, it is an intentional design. One can argue whether the design should be different until the cows come home, but that's what the design is. This action came into existence for a completely different reason than that which people have been using it. The problem arose because people wanted a way to stop a fade, and this action happens to do that. But, that's a bit like using a bazooka to a kill a fly.

The intersection of Periodic and using this action on **This Rule** was never foreseen, nor intended per se, nor does it make sense (except in some unknown case where a rule using Periodic decides it should stop being triggered periodically). So that leaves the question of what actions that use timers that may need to be stopped in a rule triggered by Periodic exist. We know that stopping a fade is a valid use case (for which this action is not the solution). Any others?


We do not want this to cancel trigger events though???


Also, how do I stop a fade while not impacting a trigger? What is the recipe?


There is a new action that is going to be released in the next release to stop fades. In the interim, there is no way to stop a fade if you are using Periodic. The action you are using was not intended for this purpose, and it obviously doesn't work for what you want to do. There should have been a stop fade action all along.


Well ladies and gentlemen that is the punchline. Thank you Bruce!


What are you talking about? He added an action he didn't agree with you that cancel times action cancela the periodic trigger. I fail to see why you feel so vindicated.


Bruce provided the solution and will be provided in the next release.. When is the next release?


Can we get this release soon? I have a few valid use cases that our now broken because stop actions was removed.


Stop actions was not removed. It was simply renamed.

New name is "Cancel Rule Timers". Old name was "Stop Rule Actions". Old actions still work, ones selected with the old name. Both do exactly the same thing, because it is the same action.

The only problem is using it with a Periodic trigger. That doesn't work as it kills the Periodic. Every other use of it should be fine, including stopping fades in other contexts.

New release is probably 2 weeks out, and will have the "Stop dimmer fade" action for use with Periodic (and elsewhere as needed).


I always thought the Triggers section operates by itself, meaning the actions section is encapsulated. Are you sure you want an action tampering with a periodic schedule or was that the intent? If it was the intent, then should it be renamed to "Cancel Triggered Schedules"?


The intent is for this to be used by other rules to stop a rule. The **This Rule** option should perhaps not have been included for this action, as it is not included for Pause Rule, Resume Rule, or Run Rule Actions. However, at this point that is moot, as backwards compatibility requires not changing this. Calling it "Cancel Triggered Schedules" makes no sense at all, as that is not what it does except in this one edge case.

You are talking about an esoteric corner of RM functionality: the intersection of Periodic and **This Rule** for this action. This entire section of actions is to do things to other rules.


Understood and thanks for the explanation. Looking forward to the release!