Cancel isn't working on repeating notification - need some help

I've got something I haven't been able to figure out. My notifications in the rule below aren't cancelling after I open the door on the washer. Appreciate help with what I'm doing wrong.

The version below didn't seem to work, the notification repeated after the washer door was opened.

So I was thinking maybe I should to re-order the actions.

Appreciate any suggestions.

The trigger is what makes it run the rule. It will not look at it again unless it’s triggered again.

Thanks, I'll have to check events to confirm, but I'm pretty sure the trigger isn't repeating. But never trust "pretty sure." :slight_smile:

So you're saying that as long as the trigger isn't recurring, the rule should work at it is? And are both valid ways of doing it?

I’m not sure what the button is, but that is your only trigger. The contact sensor? Isn’t being re-evaluated if it changes. It’s only evaluated when the buttons is pushed.

OK, great, thanks for that info.

The button press is deliverd by a virtual button provided by an Aeon HEM power meter that is running a special driver that allows me to set washer watt level and debounce delay time, and then the HEM delivers a button press when those conditions are met. Sounds funny, but I've been using it since SmartThings (even updated its functionality at one point) and I like using it. :slight_smile:

I just tried the rule again, but changed the button to an actual button - using a manual button press from a minimote. The test confirmed your comment - the reminders are repeating every five minutes even though I opened the washer door after the first announcement, and I'm not touching the Minimote button. The washer door status isn't being re-evaluated. Not sure why the notification actoin is being repeated w/out the IF statement also being re-evaluated.

It keeps running the rule (as it was originally evaluated) until the trigger causes it to be reevaluated again. There is a community app called “Better Laundry Monitor “ by @csteele. I believe it’s in the Hubitat Package Manager, if you have that installed. I use it and you should be able to incorporate it with your setup.
It should make life much better😀

Thanks. I have that app installed, but it's trigger is a power meter or vibration sensor, and my HEM is configured to provide button presses (one for each arm of the sensor).

Aside from my being stubborn about wanting to use the driver that I am, I also wanted this to be a way for me to learn more about Rule Manager. New to HE and want to be at least somewhat literate in RM. :slight_smile: Learning through frustration. :wink:

I completely understand. You need to find a way to incorporate the contact sensor into the trigger.
Actually, I just realized you could create a second rule with the sensor that stops the first rule. It’s better to create 2 simple rules than one complex rule.

So maybe I need two is the button press, and the second is the door status. Once door changes to open the rule is re-evaluated and the notifications stop.

That seems to make sense to me, anyway... :slight_smile:

See my previous post

You have a cancel timed actions but you are in a repeat loop.

You need to

Stop Repeating Actions

You don't necessarily need the contact sensor in the trigger; you just need a way to evaluate when you should stop the repeat, with the trick being that that evaluation actually needs to be run as part of the repeat. One of your rules actually looks like it should work and I'm not sure why it wouldn't, but I should note that "Stop Repeating Actions" would be sufficient, and you don't need "Cancel Timed Actions" which does that (I think...if not it would certainly explain this) plus a lot more that may have undesired side effects in more complicated rules.

Every time I see posts like this, I like to refer to this post from Bruce (Rule Machine author) about repeated notifications in Rule Machine, showing a few different ways it can be done. Perhaps one can be of inspiration to you:


Yeah, adding the second trigger did not change anything.

Thanks very much for your help...the reason I want to use the door opening as the way the notifications are stopped is that makes me absolutely sure that the washer has been at least opened, if not emptied. We've had several cases of laundry left in the washer for a day or more, and it just doesn't smell good when that happens, usually have to rewash it.

Thanks for the comments and pointer to the post - off to go do some reading. :slight_smile:

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Assuming it’s going in the dryer could you also monitor the dryer and cancel the washer notification when the dryer starts?

I think I might have a clue for you... The Repeating Actions only execute once, every 5 minutes. The Door must be OPEN when the Repeating Action fires, in order for the IF statement to be evaluated as TRUE, and thus "Stop Repeating Actions". Simply opening and closing the door during those 5 minutes will not suffice. It must remain open during the exact moment when the repeating actions run.

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Get rid of the “if” statement and add “stop repeating actions” to the beginning.
You could just create a second rule with the contact sensor that when it opens it pushes your virtual button and the first rule is reevaluated. Since the door will be open, it will stop.

Here is a version of a rule that I believe will do the trick. I just tested it and it works as expected.


That could work also, but no matter what I'm monitoring I still have to figure out how to cancel the notification... :slight_smile:

I open the washer door and leave it open. (We always leave it open when not using it so it stays dry and doesn't get mildew or mold growing, etc.

Thanks for the example, @ogiewon. I was trying something based on what was in the thread that @bertabcd1234 shared w/me and it didn't work, so I'm still batting 1000. :wink:

I was trying to do this:

Trigger Event:  whatever starts the notification 
   IF (NOT condition) REPEAT [notification interval]
      Send "notification" TO notification device

So did this:

Which I thought was exactly what he said to do, but it didn't work, annoucement kept going after I opened the washer door and left it open. Likely a family curse. Off to try your example. ;D

EDIT: Just noticed I left off the END-REP. This is why, when my company tried to teach me COBOL in the late 80's, business leaders around the world trembled.

It's running now...opened the washer door after the initial notification, and waiting for the five minute repeat period to end so I can confirm the notification doesn't repeat.


Or really, victory is @ogiewon and you guys. Thanks very much for the help, and especially my family thanks you for stopping the unending announcements. :smiley:


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