Canada Post halting imports

Received bad news from an ebay seller. This doesn't just affect my ability to over-consume home automation devices like a madman, this affects my ability to order repair parts for my clients.

"Hi there,
Thanks for your order first.
Sorry to inform you that we received a notification that the Canada Post will stop processing all import packages from May 24. In order to avoid serious delays in the delivery of packages, SpeedPAK will temporarily suspend the delivery from mainland China and Hong Kong to Canada."

I know exactly what you meant. I have clients bugging me weekly on parts as well and I can no longer get them easily due to the import issue.

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It's widespread. Look at the items that are no longer available on amazon. Can't even get a Hubitat Elevation hub. Shit's gettin' real.

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That's supply chain disruptions though, with an estimate to availability. This is very different as they give no estimated end date for this action which they haven't even publicly announced that I can find. All the while complaining about the meager operations losses in comparison to the US Postal Service's forced losses of $69 Billion since the 2006 bipartisan bill that essentially singed their death warrant.

And yet, despite the extremely adverse conditions they have been forced to operate under, they remain an extremely efficient service (that even delivers mail on Saturdays) and regularly blow Canada Post out of the water. As a current example, I ordered a replacement battery for my son's laptop. It cleared Canada Customs on May 14 and has just been sitting in Mississauga (about 33 miles from here) ever since. Scheduled for delivery today and I'm still waiting.

By the way, there are ways we can support the US Postal Service until we can get government in place that cares about our country, not their personal interests. Here's one of them


Oh it got real when I couldn't get a refill on my soda stream canister. But I got a connect, so I'm hanging in there.


The US GOV has always been this way.. it has nothing to do with politics or who is in office. Everyone including law makers are only in for themselves. They vote their own pay raises which the public has no say and they don't pay into Social Security like everyone else has to. Congress has its own version of SS and if you take the time to do some research you would see that.

I've been waiting for a few deliveries of packages that arrived in Vancouver. Whenever I check tracking, it just indicates delays due to volume with no expected delivery date. They cite some issues with the need for increased worker spacing due to COVID-19 mitigation practices.

A bit insulting, but all the same you can do that too if you like. The truth is always somewhere in the middle.

No it hasn't, but the US Postal Service has been an independant agency since 1970, so not sure where you're going with that. And although they were reporting losses year over year from 2001 on, the US Postal Service had a net operations income of $966 Million. Following the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act that passed into law in December of 2006, they reported net operations income losses of $5.327 Billion.

Well, mine isn't coming today. I've never received a package from Canada Post after 5pm.

I would tend to agree with you. I haven't even seen much in the way of regular mail lately.

Unbelievable :roll_eyes:

I opened the thread and thought I was tracking my packages :rofl:

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Stiiiill waiting...