Can you use two smart dimmers in a 3 way?

Can you use two smart dimmers in a 3 way?

Or does one have to be “an add on”

Sorry if this isn’t the place, but since getting hubitat I’m redoing all my switches.

I tried to ask on Reddit but I got “add on, means add on dumb @$$”

I assume that’s a no? But id rather ask here before spending all this $. Btw, these are on clearance for $10, so 2 dimmers is cheaper than a dimmer and an add on

Thank you

Contained in the product description within the link you provided:
Can control a single light switch or up to 5 different switches with a single command (GE add-on switch required for multi-light control, sold separately, item number 650030)

I understand that, but on amazon people claim a dimmer will work. Has anyone tried?

Frankly I don't see how that's possible, but if you provide the link to that claim I'll review it...

It was under a zooz one, is that different?

Zooz and GE are different companies, and the dimmers aren't the same either...

So, dimmer to dimmer is a company thing? So when I buy these 3 way switches its best to buy a matching pair?

Thank you

Yes. Some brands of z-wave switches can be wired to use a conventional 3-way switch in a 3-way or 4-way configuration. Other brands require an add-on switch that signals via the traveller wire. And I think there are some where the add-on switch signals wirelessly (could be mistaken about this).

Anyway, if you go with GE switches, I've think I've got an add-on switch you can have for the cost of shipping.

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Thanks bud, but I think I’m gonna go with zooz. Maybe on Black Friday I can order 10 for $250ish


It depends on the smart switch you're using. I'm not aware of any that work with an existing "dumb" dimmer, but I could just not know of something that exists (seems unlikely, though). As noted above, most require an add-on/companion switch. Some can work for on/off with an existing dumb switch. Lutron mostly avoids this with Caséta by using remotes powered by batteries in multi-way locations (these being Pico remotes, something you could use on Hubitat for any purpose including this with any switch or dimmer if you have Caséta or RA2 integrated in Hubitat).

Something that wasn't mentioned: the new Inovelli switches will let you use another smart dimmer on other locations if you want. I can't imagine why you would (It's probably more expensive and an add-on would also give you dimming, but I guess with Inovelli you'd get to make use of the LED bar at the other locations too). They're the only ones I'm aware of that work like this--they can actually work in any of the above configurations depending on whether you have a neutral or not (again, there may be something else I'm not aware of). You can get the switches now, but you'll have to wait probably a couple weeks for the dimmers to finish mass production.

The $25 zooz dimmer does this, I think

Which model? The ZEN27 and ZEN22 (and presumably its toggle equivalent, but I didn't check) can work with dumb switches but not dumb dimmers. I'm not aware of any of theirs that can.

AFAIK, they will work with regular binary switches (on/off), but not regular dimmers.

Sorry, I ment on and off

Yes, as I mentioned, some are capable of working with an existing "dumb" on/off switch. Some require rewiring, some don't. All depends on the exact switch you have, so the product description and manual are essential to consult if this matters for your application.

The GE add-on solution is probably the nicest as you get momentary up/down dim control from both positions. With the zooz ability to work with existing 3-way, it means on-off only from the second position.

Or you could use two of the zooz ZEN22 just as scene controllers, with smart leds, and get touch up/down control from both positions that way.

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You sure the ge add on dims?

100% sure.


The HomeSeer ones also support remote dimming (and remote multitaps/scenes). I suspect most do, one of few advantages to using these over dumb switches.

The GE Add-on Switch replicates all of the functions of the switch it is wired to. If that includes dimming, then it also allows dimming. It does NOT show up as a separate device in Hubitat, only the primary will.