Can you use two smart dimmers in a 3 way?

If you know, What’s a decent price for a pair. You think $60?

Or just use Lutron and Pico's for the 3-ways, simple and it works.

You could use 2 smart dimmers in a 3-way but you wouldn't wire them the same way as a dimmer and an on/off switch in case of Zooz switches. You would wire one Zooz as a single pole directly controlling the load and another Zooz dimmer to power and neutral only, then program them to work together as a virtual 3-way. This way you could adjust brightness from both locations if needed (and it could still be less expensive than getting a pair of GE master and add-on switches).

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Actually, they're exactly the same.

2 Zooz while on sale at The Smartest House $57.90
GE Dimmer + Add-On $57.16

Plus, with the Zooz, you have to link them virtually in hubitat which would be a real PITA to adjust the dimming levels with since they only report AFTER you release the paddle on the dimmer. So, the lights wouldn't reflect the new level until after you let go of the paddle so you wouldn't be able to see how much you'd changed it. Personally, I would never configure a smart switch to act a virtual device in that regard. It's a complete waste of money. You're basically paying $30 for a very limited button controller.

Leviton has z-wave switches with add-on that allow dimming from any location. The only issue is you have to rewire the box so each add-on get power, neutral and common 3 way signal wire.