Can you change a Zwave routing?

I have a device that for some odd reason wants to route through a interlogix zwave switch on the complete other end of the house rather than Direct or the device next to it. It is actually closer to the hub than the device it is routing through. is there a way to affect this?

That's kinda the point of a "mesh" network, if it only routes to the closest devices, the range/distance your mesh reach would not be very far. It intentionally routes this way so that you are able to achieve some distance with your devices communicating with each other.

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Hu,mm. There is another device of the same type in the room, and it is rock solid and speedy. This one has been gradually slowing for a week of so to the point it is almost non responsive. As a matter of fact these devices are grouped lights for the master bedroom.

It just struck me as odd that it would route through a device behind the hub on the other end of the house. I thought maybe that was why it was slowing.

No ghost nodes, nothing spamming the network, and the firmware is up to date.

Highly unlikely. Zwave networks only allow 4 hops from the hub, so it needs to go the maximum range possible with each hop when routing to achieve an expansive mesh.

What device is the one having an issue?

an Illumin lvw42 RGBW A91 bulb.. I have 5 in total, all the rest are running fine now. I had an issue a couple weeks ago with zoos dual outlet spamming the network a couple weeks ago. All have the most current firmware, and all are paired unauthenticated. So everything is identical down the line. This one is is the only thing acting up.

Do you mean they are paired S2 unathenticated, S0, or None?

If you install this app you can provide a screenshot of the signal strength and other useful information regarding the problem device.

You'll see a screen similar to this. And it will list what security level it is paired as well


I do believe they are paired NONE. I had heard there were issues with them pairing as S0, so I had to put them in to non-secure mode to pair them. I'm just not at home where I can look at the details.

I do have it installed, I just dont have access at the moment to look at it.