Can we adjust the font size/style per tile?


I am setting up several tablets around the house and I want a Clock for the top line and other tiles below. I want the clock font to be bigger so that we can read it across the room. Right now I have a RPi serving a webpage with a clock and an iframe of the dashboard, it works but the refresh rate is hit and miss. How can I change the font size for the individual tiles? I am assuming somewher in the json code for the dashboard?



Thanks for the feature request. What you are asking for is not possible in dashboard today.


Bummer. Thanks for all your hard work. Just for my own info. What can be done under the advanced tab. (json code)?


It's mainly a way to copy and paste layouts and edit settings in the UI.


I would love to see this added as well. Or at least the ability to add cusmized code to make it happen.


I agree with this suggestion. It is annoying to have to make everything tiny to allow for tiles such as thermostats that contain a lot of information. It would be nice to have the text small on those types while allowing others to utilize the full space to display information


+1 for this


Hijacking the original feature request (which I'd also love to see), I wonder if it's possible to have different font & tile sizes in the browser/cloud/app views. In particular, font & tile sizes that work fine in a desktop browser that is "local" to the Hub aren't well suited to the dashboard that's displayed on a mobile device via the HE app.


I would like to be able to change font for Clock but also be able to change font for the Date and Clock template such that there can be different fonts for date and for clock.

Also, we need to be able to set the tile name to be something other than the name of the device. Often the device name is too long to fit neatly without changing the size of the tile to something that doesn't make sense and wastes real estate.