Can this be automated?

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Yes.. RGBGenie Z-wave led controller.. My driver has support for CCT LED Strips

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That looks like just a white/warm white or CCT?

Correct. White ambient and a blue like look.

12v shows on the strip.

cold white and warm white

What does CCT mean?

What is CCT?

Correlated color temperature (CCT) will tell you what hue and tone of white to expect from a specific bulb or fixture. CCT is measured in Kelvin (K), which is similar to degrees in Celsius. Different temperatures on the Kelvin scale represent different colors. For example, light at 2000K-3500K looks more orange/yellow and is called ultra warm or warm white, and as temperature increases in Kelvins, color changes to more of a “paper white” known as natural or neutral white (between 3500K and 5100K) and finally into a bluish-white known as cool white (5100K-20000K).


Using my RGBGenie z-wave driver:

All my lighting in my house is 6500K during the day and after sunset transitions to 2700K

So what do I have here? It’s not an rgb led strip is it?

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Nope .. it's a CCT strip

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Looks to be (educated guess) ~2700-6500K somewhere around there.. probably more like 3000k-6700k..

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Yup - I'm calling it softwhite to daylight :smile:

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Okay so which rgbgenie do I buy? The single version since I have a cct strip?

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You can buy any one of the z-wave models.. Because you can change the model in the driver .. They are the same device with different wiring diagrams, and a configuration variable switched.. My driver has a wiring diagram for the mode you select

Just don’t get the one with the built-in power supply as it is 24V and your strip is 12V

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quick side note - i was playing with a MagicHome LED driver on 12v connected to a rolled up strip of lights. They get a little warm ... partially melted the reel & i lost some of the LEDs on the inside of the spool. i know, i was stupid & i ran them too long. just thought i would mention it.

Yea.. you aren't supposed to run it on the spool

I did during my development... but it was always short bursts to test a piece of code..

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