Can someone please help me understand, why integrate or connect Roku?

Maybe I'm just not looking at it correctly, but i just can't wrap my mind around why would someone want to integrate Roku (and fire TV, or really any other streaming devices). Can some one please help me understand and wrap my mind around it? Maybe it will help me decide if its something I should look into.

How about changing the lighting in the room based on whether you start/pause/stop watching something?


I am not personally interested in integrating those but here are a few ideas I came up with:

  1. To monitor screen time. If a child is only supposed to watch for X amount of time this can help monitor it and, if needed, disable it
  2. Changing volume and/or automatically pausing when someone comes to the front door (or a motion sensor detects someone coming)
  3. Integration with OTHER aspects of the home that might cause excessive noise (ex: do not run the dishwasher while someone is watching TV)
  4. @marktheknife ninjaed one about lighting
  5. Start/stop on a schedule or timer for vacation purposes so the house is lived in.

I didn't install the community integration but just use http requests to create a custom dashboard to act as Roku remote.

EDIT: Documentation to use HTTP Requests can be found here:

I don't do any of things mentioned by Snell or mark though.


You know, I was thinking a remote but then I thought, these all have remotes who would make a remote for it?

@stephen_nutt, thanks for proving my thinking wrong. :smiley:

My main motivation was for buttons across top where I can switch channels with one button push.

Unfortunately it can't turn TV off/on like native remote.

Mostly echoing what others have said: I use it to determine whether or not the living room is occupied and I have it pause automatically as part of my kids’ bedtime routine.

+1. I use the ROKU integration to prevent the lights from turning on with the motion sensor i have in that same living room. I'm really hoping someone figures out an AppleTV integration some day.


Agreed. I'd be very happy if the Home app allowed Apple TV states like playing and stopped to be used as triggers in automations.


I will strongly echo these points

  • Pause when the doorbell rings.
  • If active then Roomba start is delayed until inactive.
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I love that Roomba one. My kids have to pause our robots on the weekend for cartoons (or whatever they are watching that morning). Having it recognize the FireTV is running and pause or delay the Rule...

Certainly need to look into that to increase family acceptance.

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