Can Nest Cameras be used to turn lights on when motion is detected?

I have been trying to use the Nest Integration to turn lights on when motion is detected on one of my Outdoor cameras, but it doesn't seem to work. I have tried Motion Lighting Apps and Rule Machine but the motion doesn't seem to trigger.
Help would be appreciated.

I believe you might be experiencing an issue with how Nest designed the motion sensing on the cameras. They have a pretty substantial "cool-off" period (30 minutes) after they first detect motion that prevents them from sending multiple alerts that Nest thought would be annoying. As a result, they really aren't the best choice for motion detected lighting rules.

I may be wrong, but that's what it sound like to me.

Excerpt from Nest's support site:

Nest cameras are designed to alert you when they detect activity. But you don’t want to get bombarded by notifications. So your camera will only send a notification when it senses important activity. To do this, it uses advanced algorithms that learn and improve over time. So while your camera may notify you when it first detects activity, it won’t send additional notifications as the activity continues.

If you’re not getting notified when there’s activity – for example, when you walk in front of Nest Cam – make sure you didn’t receive an alert recently.

With an optional Nest Aware subscription, your Sightline and video history timeline show markers for all events. You can easily view everything your camera picked up, even if you didn’t receive an alert.

I get a nest notification when I walk in front of a camera on my phone, but nothing from the hubitat rule.

Ah, well then that obviously isn't the problem, but the amount of time before it would re-trigger from motion being so substantial would make it a pretty lame sensor for lighting automations anyway.

I'd suggest getting an outdoor rated motion sensor for this job, but perhaps someone else who actually uses the nest integration can advise you on why the motion alerts aren't being picked up in HE.

Do make sure you are running the latest NSTmanager and camera DTHs

I fixed an issue that motion event were not occurring in the nth not too long ago.

Thank you for the information. I was thinking using Nest Integration would be enough.
I'll try installing the NST Manager and see how I go.
It looks complicated, like much of the HE Hub, for someone not coming from Smartthings and getting on in years!

Okay, I installer NST Manager as above and removed Nest Integration.
If I open NST Manager and click on create new automation I get a 404 error.
Not sure what I may have done wrong or if that is a problem.

I think I've got past the 404 error. Yeaa

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