Can I use the Sunricher SR-2421-ZG to convert Zigbee signal from the Habitat Elevation C7 to 0-10V signal to drive LED WW strips?

I am trying to discover whether I can use the Sunricher SR-2421-ZG Zigbee to Dali/0-10V converter to convert inputs from the Habitat elevation hub (preferably through HomeKit) to drive my LED strips for whole house lighting. I want brightness and colour temperature control with the soft start and stop that 0-10V offers.
Thanks in advance.

I really don't know, but there was a guy who used a Leviton zigbee dimmer for 0-10v control of the ECM motor in an air handling unit:

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I don't see anything about controlling led's strips in the description of that device. I see a lot about DALI - of which I know nothing. It doesn't sound consumer-ish. It would very much depend on your LED strip requirements. 10v might be half dim for some LEDs.

Honestly I would get this... Zigbee3.0 5In1 Mini LED Controller Wireless Control

The sunricher you have above will only turn on/off/dim, it will not control RGGBW