Can I use a smart dimmer to drive a dimmable smart plug? (and how?)

Can I use a
Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Wall Dimmer Switch ZEN27
to drive a
Leviton DZPD3-2BW Decora Smart Plug-in Dimmer with Z-Wave Technology

For example, I have the smart plug driving a string of 36 dimmable cafe lights on my back patio. I can control them with Hubitat from phone, but I’d love to have a Zooz ZEN27 (for example) in the wall, with no load, and when I turn on, or dim, or turn off, the ZEN27 the smart plug follows whatever I tell the ZEN27 to do.

Possible? How? (Documented somewhere?) Should I be using something different for my smart plug and/or wall switch?

Big thanks in advance.

OR MAYBE PUT ANOTHER WAY :slight_smile: Where's the documentation for the Mirror App?

I’m using Switch Bindings to sync a wall dimmer with a lamp dimmer and it works great.

I’m not sure if that particular dimmer will still work without a load though. If it doesn’t you probably can tie in one of those bypass/dummy load modules.

@bertabcd1234 has created a really great app that can control a dimmer from a button controller:

I would say it’s worth a try. It is super easy to setup and very powerful.

Thanks! Looks like what I need!

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I use the Generic Zwave Plus dimmer with the New One Z-Wave Plug,Smart Dimmer Plug Socket 700 Series. It works flawlessly, also via Alexa.