Can I pin Rule Machine to the left menu?

It would be a huge time saver.


Personally I have setup a number of bookmarks in Chrome for each of my hubs:



@sburke781 Good idea - the simplest answer is not always the most obvious! It would be nice to put this on the menu. I have three hubitats and spread my rules around them - so I only bookmark the main menu currently.

Would be nice to have this as a built-in dashboard.... Hmmmm..... Or a Menu option like you requested....

The subject of adding a "Favorites" feature to the UI or pinning/starring frequently visited Devices and Apps has been covered previously, and determined not to be in the current roadmap.

[FEATURE REQUEST] ✰ Starred device and app ‘Favorites’ ✰

@sburke781 's browser bookmarking solution is a brilliant stand-in for these!


Equally, there is nothing stopping us (developers) coming up with our own options

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