[FEATURE REQUEST] ✰ Starred device and app 'Favorites' ✰

As illustrated in this mockup, I'd love to be able to mark my most commonly used Devices and Apps as "Favorite", then to filter their visibility by clicking a 'Star' symbol at the top (where I've also taken the liberty of rearranging some of the controls):

This would spare me having to scrooooollll up and down long lists each time I need to tweak a component inhabiting a different section of the alphabet. If I truly need to see the less-frequently accessed items, I can just unclick the Star.

[ Concept stolen directly from Vera and @toggledbits ]

P.S. Thread closed, but wanted to add that suggestion below (of using emojis) won't quite do, since I work with a different subset of items daily depending on the project/task at hand. My having to essentially rename batches of apps and devices equates to more work, not less. I appreciate the solid input, however!


If you want a rough workaround, put a star emoji at the end (or beginning) of the devices' names that you consider a favorite. Then, in the filter line, you can enter that star emoji and it will trim the list to just your favorites. Others use emoji's to sort devices, rules, etc. Here is my short list of RM rules. I put a Shield emoji on ones that reference HSM.


@lewis.heidrick uses emojis thruout his devices, rules, etc. I believe.