Can I make an image tile go full screen in response to a trigger?

I have a couple of image tiles which display video feeds from external cameras. If I click on such a tile it maximises to full screen and back again on another click.

Is there a way on which this can be achieved by code so that the image goes full screen if motion is detected on a sensor near where the camera is? (no motion sensing on the camera as it's just sending an rtsp feed which is converted to show on an image tile). And minimised after a delay?

Alternatively can a motion trigger be used to switch dashboards?

This can't be done natively in the dashboard, it could be done with JS, but would require you to know that language rather well.

Thanks markus, guess we all have more time these days to learn new things!

I have a JS inject driver you can use to get started, it is just a proof of concept but it works as intended. The documentation is minimal since it is geared towards devs. Best of luck! If you do write something using that driver I'd love to hear what you come up with!

Will do - might take a while though, my JS proficiency is pretty close to zero!

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It can be done, if you're running Fully Kiosk on the tablet and install the Fully Kiosk Director app.

You can create a tile of any size on a new dash, and upon motion triggered, have the Dash switch to the Full screen tiled Dash.

Set the trigger to be Motion as below.

Then once Motion is sensed, have the App trigger to show the full screen dash.
Input the dash URL in the below.

You can even set the dash to go back to the main dash afterwards.


Thanks! Man, the HE community is the best!

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Thanks for the explanation Royski, i really appreciate it.
But can you tell me where you find theese settings? i have been into RM and Motion and lighting, and all the other things i can imagine. but no luck! :sweat_smile:


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You need to use these 2 apps (HE and android) that @Royski mentioned. The pictures are from the app, not RM/Motion Lighting.


okey! My bad! thank you! :slight_smile:

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This must have changed with an update from the OP. I have a weather image tile of my local radar on the dashboard, and when i click it, it goes full screen then click it again and goes back. I'm not using anything other than stock.

It's still working with stock image tile. The op wanted an RM motion trigger for full screen though. Would be nice to have other type of tile with this same functionality as the image tile.

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