Can I change the image color instead of the button color?

I really want to move to native HE dashboards instead of Action Tiles. But there's one major "look and feel" problem that I cannot get past.

Is there some way that when a button, (say a light or switch) is OFF, that I can change the color of the icon itself instead of the background of the button?

I personally think that dashboards look messy when the whole tiles are colorized.

For reference this is how my ActionTile dashboard looks.

The "Main" dashboard (weather and fridge door are broken cause...SmartThings), has all invisible items that should be "off", and they only "appear", when they are "on".

The "downstairs" dashboard has icons that are Grey when off, and white when on:

Yes there is. I have the BG changed here as well but you can see the icon and text are a slight yellow color when on.


Its under the main dashboard settings (gear) > Templates.
You would have to edit every template and it is sort of fiddly depending on the order of chat you click.


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oh I see it now, but it changes the color for the icon AND the font. I guess it's not the worst thing.

Thanks for the pointer!

Could probably do just one or the other with some custom CSS but that's a little more tricky than the UI.

Check out the post below. It can be a bit daunting but css editing gets easier once you learn the basics.

I know you said you want to move to native, but have you looked at Hubivue? I think you can do pretty much what you are trying to do without having to do any CSS work. Give it a look. It's a pretty slick dashboard, and @gslender is doing a great job developing it, and is quite responsive and engaging with the users.

Yep, you can definitely do that... in fact, I think the default behaviour is that with the icon going from a glow style/colour. Plus lots of other options.