Can I backup one hubitat C7 and restore on a new one?


I have an hubitat C7 that Is doing a Lot of problems. I bought a new one to replace that one. My problem, is to know if there is the possibility to backup the problem one and restore in the new unit. Appreciate any information.

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Yes. If you want to move everything including the z-wave radio you will need Hub Protect on the original hub. Do a cloud backup, then move hub protect to the new hub and do a migration from your cloud back up. Neither local or cloud backup backs up zigbee. In most cases though, as you remove them from your old hubitat (one at a time) then initiate zigbee pairing on the new hub, they will go back into their old slot easy-peazy. Some you may have to wake up after removing to achieve that and a small amount of zigbee devices will have to be factory reset and re paired (but they will slot back into their old place as well)

Read here Hub Protect - Hubitat Documentation

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Thank You Mr rlithgow1.

The problem, is in that hubitat I can't enable remote admin. The hub protect costs 30usd, and if after it won't work? Just lost money.



You don't have to purchase the remote admin just the hub protect. That said if you do not want to purchase hub protect (which is also a whole hub warranty) then you can restore your downloaded backup to the new hub but you will also have to exclude then pair each zwave device to the new hub. (rules. apps, etc will still be intact)

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I need choose between expensive buying a service or expensive paying at who makes me job because the hubitat is in Portugal and I am working in Switzerland. Almost perfect.

Thanks again for the information.



For clarification purposes, very Hubitat Elevation comes with a backup option to a local storage. If you can save a local backup from the hub that is giving you troubles, you can restore that backup to the new hub. Loading a local backup doesn't require a subscription and it restores apps, drivers, settings and custom code. The only thing that it doesn't do is restoring Z-Wave Network, so devices will need to be repaired. Also any cloud connected service will need to be reauthorized.

Hub Protect is very useful when catastrophic events happen. We strongly recommend adding Hub Protect plan to your new hub. Not only does it extend the warranty of your hub for the life of the plan, should the new hub fail (thus saving you money that you would spend on a new hub), but also you will have a cloud backup that allows you to load onto the new hub, so you don't have to rebuild your Z-Wave network, as well as automations. You can read more about Hub Protect by visiting the following page:

Hub Protect | Hubitat Elevation®

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