Can i Arm Alarm with contact open?

My tablet that i use to arm and disarm the system is next to the front door, sometimes people hold the door open and then select arm away then close the door, the system then fails to arm and i get a failure alert that the door contact was open, is there a workaround this? at preset there is a 20 second delay before the system arms.


No, not without loading another app. Take a look at the Nyckelharpa app. It really very well done, been using for a year without issues


You can if you just turn off the failure notification. I don't know why they have haven't reworded that to make it clear that it will fail if you use that option and a sensor is open but if you don't use that option it will simply ignore the open sensor and arm not monitoring that sensor until it closes again then it will be monitored again. You can use the notifications app to send you a message that something got left open when the mode changed if you still want the notification without it preventing the HSM from arming.


Thanks works perfect now