Can HSM Set Mode when Armed and Disarmed

So I might be using this a little backwards but I think it will work better for me (and wife/kids). I'm building a new house and I'm trying to experiment here to have a set plan when I migrate everything over. Currently my primary alarm is ADT system and I'm just piggybacking with Konnected interface and HSM.

What I want to do is have Disarm, Arm Home, and Arm Away on my tablets around the house. I don't really use the Built in modes for much of anything but do have them change depending on time. Away never gets selected. So can I have HSM change the mode based on Arm Home, Away, and Disarm? And if I disarm, I'd like it to go to the correct mode based on time.

If I understand you correctly, you want to change the mode based on HSM status? For instance if you arm away you want the mode to change to away, and if you disarm you want the mode to change from away back to whatever? I don't know that this can be done from HSM directly but it can be done with a series of RM rules. Might take a bit to figure it out though, especially coming back from away and having choose the right mode. A virtual device connected to mode manager might help.

Yes, that is correct. I have RM set for Away, that one is easy based on HSM status. Also turns off all lights. Trying to come up with these two solution.

When Disarmed - Go to Day-Home, Evening-Home, or Night-Home based on current time.
When Armed Home - Go to Day-Home, Evening-Home, or Night-Home based on current time.

How about configuring mode manager to switch to away and back again based on a virtual presence sensor, and then having RM manipulate the presence sensor? That way mode manager does the rest for you as long as you have "return from away" turned on in mode manager. I don't use "away" in mode manager myself but I think it's pretty straightforward.

Thanks! Didn't think about the Virtual presence. Got it working!

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Sounds like you got it working, but may be worth checking out Nyckelharpa: [Release] Nyckelharpa, an HSM Extension.

App that sets mode based on HSM state… and does some other cool stuff.


i’m surprised this is not built into hsm yet.
you can change the hsm based on mode, but not mode based on HSM?