Can anyone get the Device Firmware Updater to work?

I'm trying to update a Zooz ZSE42 (battery operated) leak sensor to new firmware. It starts out okay and looks like this:

When I click the Start Firmware Update button, it looks like this:

Then I click the device button 4 times (which wakes it up) and it looks like this:

At this point it does nothing. I can keep doing the waking up routine and nothing happens. The whole thing is just hung at this screen forever.

What am I doing wrong? I there any issues with this built-in app under C8?

Try disabling the device prior to the update -- this trick usually works...

Device Firmware Updater with Zooz device - :toolbox: Built-In Apps and Drivers / Built-in Apps - Hubitat

This should be unnecessary, but I always clear out the Updater app's files, then remove it, then reload it every time I do an update. Just start totally fresh-&-clean every time you use the Updater app -- it seems to help keep it clear and smoother.

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Just to double check, it's not paired with security, is it? If so, this will not work.