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Hi, I have 3 POE camera's i'm trying to get working on my dashboard. I'm pretty happy with just going direct to the camera and grabbing the JPG url into an image tile. This works great with a Reolink camera however my other cameras (Hikvision and Dahua) only show on a dashboard in ios or osx Safari. I can go direct to the url's in a Android/Windows browser but once the URL's are in a dashboard tile will only work when loading the dashboard with a Safari browser. Any ideas? thanks

I had a similar problem using Fully Kiosk to load dashboard background images; turned out it was a problem with the hosting of the image (in a private folder on my NAS). Backgrounds would load fine on a browser authenticated and logged in to the NAS, but not on Fully. Moving them to a public folder only available on my local network solved the problem across all browsers (Fully, Silk, etc.).

Likewise, with POE camera streams I've been perusing the forums for a while and have yet to find an approach that works without some third party application getting involved since authenticated RTSP streaming isn't supported. From what I have seen a lot of users will use Blue Iris and embed a link to a MPEG stream in a dashboard tile. If you have a NAS you can do the same. I run Amcrest POE cameras, essentially Dahua, and have livestreams converted to MPEGs through my NAS. I know there seems to be a lot of displeasure with how HE dashboards feel and perform, but with some tweaking and reading the forums you can usually get them to do what you need, and do it locally. Mine turned out fine: Show Off Your Dashboards!

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This may be of interest!

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which app is running the iFrame driver?

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Please read the 2nd post. The driver is not necessary to display camera feeds on dashboards. Just use an image tile.

If you do need the driver to show HTML content, then the app that would use it is Dashboards.