Camera that works with local IP address

Please help me. I have a Cisco webcam and I can see live from the browser with local IP address. Can I trigger a browser view in HE with IP address of this camera? Please suggest. Thanks Nafis

What URL do you enter to view the camera in your browser?

Good Afternoon Marktheknife. Thanks for your kind attention to my request. I am using local IP address as Then I can see the video. Thanks again

I'm confused, I'm sorry...what type of device to you want to trigger the browser to open on to view the camera? You can't have this trigger from the HE UI, that's not how the system works. You would need to have some type of device that can connect with HE in order to do this. You can do it with Event Ghost and a Windows PC. Event Ghost in HE can subscribe to different devices and send changes in those devices to your windows PC. So, when motion was active in HE for example, Event Ghost could send that event to your PC and then within Event Ghost in your PC, you could launch a shortcut within your browser. But that would only fire on one PC when that happened. If you are asking if you can cause a browser window that is open to the Hubitat UI to redirect to another IP when something happens, no, that's no possible to my understanding.

Are you wanting to see the camera vision in your HE dashboard, by opening a browser window ?
I don’t believe that is possible.

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Thanks Ryan780 for detailed information. I got the message. I was thinking to open a browser in my mobile with the video from the webcam triggered by HE. Thanks again for your comment.

Thanks Njanda for replying my post. Yes, this was the plan I had in my mind. I am dropping the idea for now. Thanks again

On an android tablet running Fully Kiosk Browser, there’s an HE app and driver that, by the description at least, appears to be capable of something like this.

I haven’t tried it out, though.

However, the app looks like it requires Blue Iris to show videos. I found that there is a dashboard Image template that accepts a URL and a refresh interval as parameters. I have not tried streaming live video to it, just snapshots at 10 second intervals. That worked using the following as the entry:

http://cameraipaddress/img/snapshot.cgi?img=vga or http://cameraip/img/snapshot.cgi?size=4&quality=1
Both work to display an image at 10 second intervals.

For recording of video triggered by motion, I use the Motion application on a Linux computer to record live video using this URL:
netcam_url rtsp://cameraipaddress/img/video.sav

While I can view the snapshots on my local dashboard, this does not work for viewing them on a cloud dashboard. There would need to be some way to access the local network in order to do so. As it is, I am content with having Motion control the cameras and record video and snapshots of activity. I have a portable hard drive set up to save the videos. If anything does happen, Hubitat will likely allow me to contact the police and then I will have the recorded videos to give them for evidence. Hopefully, Hubitat will deter someone from trying and make it more likely that someone would go elsewhere instead.

It does not require blue iris. It does not even require a camera to be on the dashboard. This driver controls the fully kiosk browser.

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Nope, all I stated was that 'I use BI'. It will load any URL or Launch an app package.


Thank you for correcting my mistaken assumption.
Edit: I went back and re-read the app's Release announcement above. It was not mentioned that other video URLs outside Blue Iris were accepted. The Fully Kiosk Director is another thing that would require equipment I don't have. I was trying to say that there is an option for displaying images built in to the dashboard templates already so it was an available option.

Thanks to StephenH, Ryan780 and bptworld for the discussion. I will work on these options when I return home. Thanks again

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