C8-zigbee recycle - v.121

I noticed that my hub's zigbee radio recycled frequently over the course of the day... I assume this is not normal but trying to understand what triggers a radio to recycle.... could it be a throughput issue ? I have my automations driven my Webcore.. could I be overloading the zigbee network (sounds ludicrous, but i simply dont know) ?

See below , I recycle by HE every night using the Rebooter app, just to keep things clean... then see the Zigbee radio recycles..

It appears that you have the option to "Rebuild network on every reboot" enabled under Zigbee settings.


'Rebuild network' won't cause "Zigbee radio offline", at least it won't on my C-8 (I've used it dozens of times and never encountered 'radio offline'). What it does for me is ensure that the next reboot of the C-8 will disable links to neighbor repeaters, rendering all Zigbee devices except direct connected child devices unusable, which requires a second reboot to fix...

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Tagging @support_team for awareness.

I'm seeing similar issues on my C8 as well...


HE staff are aware of the Zigbee offline/online events and are investigating the issue, but have not identified a clear cause yet. I had two today, several yesterday. Don't see any clear pattern mysefl...

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