C8 vs C8 pro, differences?

We all have our pro’s now. Just waiting for the migration tool to move from door stop to functioning hub.

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Door stop! It weighs like 3oz. More like a square frisbee. :wink:

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ditto (but, I could see how each experience is very much dependent on what we've cobbled together)

Come to think of it, the fact that I had to sneak my C-7 and my C-8 in is a major factor. How about a HaaS (hub-as-a-service) offering? :joy:


Oddly, my C-7 to C-8 Pro (which actually self-reports as "C-9") migration went completely without a hitch. Every device (mostly Zigbee), every rule, no problemo.

It's snappier, fer shure, and my odd random Zigbee-off-for-a-few-seconds-every-few-hours glitch seems to have disappeared. I'm really loving the "Ping inactive devices every 3 hours" feature, which has allowed me to retire some weird and semi-problematic code that was designed to make sure all the Zigbee devices remained Zigbee devices.

Thanks, Hubitat! :grin:

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I can see my C7 cloud backups from my C8-Pro as well, but my migration will be from my C8, who's backups are not visible on the C8-Pro. If all of your devices are working and things seem normal you are likely going to be fine. There were a few people who had issues w/Z-Wave devices not being properly restored to the C8-Pro, so overall still probably best to wait until HE provides an update.

lol. Doesn’t work for that either.

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Ah, OK - the C-7 I was migrating was my Zigbee-only hub; all the Z-Wave stuff is on another hub.

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Appears to be corrected to reporting as C-8 Pro in the currently shipping firmware (

The only place I have still seen a reference to "C-9" is when I look at my C-8 Pro hub's details at my.hubitat.com - under Registered Hubs, Hub Details.


And it's still in the Diagnostic tool lastest version. :slight_smile:

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You can turn on the HomeKit integration on each of the meshes and then connect all of them to HomeKit.

Beta version and the Hub Diagnostics need the correction it appears.


Yeah, that is what I started to do.
I shut off the HomeKit integration for now as my wife is used to what I allow through Alexa for voice and it’s dashboard, plus we use Ring and we don’t have actually HomeKit stuff yet.

I have a RPi with HomeBridge, but it’s off too right now.

I hope that Hub Mesh can evolve to start being used in a more hub and spoke scenario with HomeKit, multiple device hubs connecting to a coordinator hub.

Right now, at least for me, it gets kinda annoying trying to remember or jump between even 3 hubs to deal with devices, rules, and integrations.

I see that both my hubs are able to get updates :slight_smile: . but the C8 Pro is not on the beta channel yet. I am sure they are inundated with messags to get the new Pro's on beta. i'll just wait :slight_smile:

If I have my C8Pro on and my older C8, will there be any issues , or should I wait to get on the beta platform before I migrate?

That combination should work.

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You are a lucky one if you have had no ZigBee issues on the C-8. Once you have some ZigBee devices that migrated just fine initially, but now need to be reconnected to the C-8, you will feel the pain.

Both Diagnostic tool (version 126) and my.hubitat.com >> Hub Details now show the correct hub model (C-8 Pro).


From "http://[hub]/api/hubitat.xml":

<manufacturer>Hubitat Inc.</manufacturer> <manufacturerURL>http://hubitat.com</manufacturerURL> <modelDescription>Hubitat Elevation Hub</modelDescription> <modelName>Rev C-9</modelName> <modelNumber></modelNumber> <modelURL>http://hubitat.com</modelURL>

"Hubs Details" is now ( showing the correct version.