C8 vs C8 pro, differences?

So with the announcement of the c8 pro, i dont see a comparison chart. Can someone offer up the differences between the c8 vs c8 pro?




Probably this


Double the RAM and a faster CPU, at a minimum... from what I can see.


Figured out here: C-8 Pro - #22 by kahn-hubitat

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That is worth the money and an upgrade. Double the RAM and more CPU will solve some load issues that I have.


What use cases need the additional ram and cpu? Just curious.

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Lots of devices and apps overload the hub.

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Is is wearing glasses or have a moustache? (Maybe I am posting too early in the morning or during my holidays.... )


I have to say, I'm feeling a bit let down by this latest news. I'm a huge fan of HE – I even jumped at the chance to get a C8 right when it came out, hoping to show my support.

It wasn't the smoothest experience, but I was cool with that. What really got to me, though, was how little the C8 seemed to improve things. Still, I stuck with it because I believed in what they were doing.

But here we are, just 10 months later, and they've released the version we were all hoping for at the start, and it's going for $180.

Alright, that's enough venting from me.


Let it out... To be honest, most HE releases from my experience (since my C-4) have been small, incremental yet significant improvements of the previous model. Each have what could be considered a compelling point of difference for some, but for many they can seem unremarkable... Not to say they aren't remarkable, just that on the surface they are not compelling. from a sales perspective.

So don't feel let down, you still have a quality product, very close to the latest model just released.


...and if you did purchase the C-8 Pro, would you also need a paid subscription to upgrade to it from a C-8 (non-pro)? I.e., copy all your settings and move your devices over.

Count yourself luckier than me! I have a C7 and got a C8 at Black Friday and its not even out the box yet (due to covid over xmas I didn't get time) and now its been super-seeded already!

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Or you could see it as you have a slave or dev/test hub for your C-8Pro.... and a C-7 no-less..

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I've had many home automation platforms. X10, Insteon Hub, HomeSeer, Universal Devices, OpenHab and finally Hubitat.

I have been so impressed with the Hubitat performance, features and cost. Those other platforms can cost two to five times as much as this new C8-Pro yet much more overhead and issues.

I have over 70 Z-Wave devices, 7 sonos zones, LG tvs, Govee heaters, MyQ garage door opening and many Hue and compatible devices connected yet the C8 performs great. Not to mention all of these apps are community contributions .. no extra $$.

I couldn't be happier with the platform. This latest update may not be needed by most but I appreciate their continued focus on updating the platform.

I assume you can use the existing C8 with the Pro in a mesh?


And the operational effect of this is... what? Is the UI faster? Are the connections more reliable. Is it just bragging rights on specs with no real observable effect?

Not the greatest sales pitch as-is. Just FUD for me.

Yup - any Hub that supports Hub Mesh can be meshed w/any other hub that supports Hub Mesh. I think Hub Mesh support goes back to the C5? (An older hub that was made of bamboo and yarn, the high-tech materials of it's day. :wink:

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All good questions. We're all going to have to wait and see (either for ourselves OR via community posts from others) when the C-8 Pro hubs get shipped and into the hands of users.

Not sure I would classify it as FUD, though... Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt really does not describe Hubitat's C-8 Pro sales pitch to me... Nowhere do I see Hubitat, or anyone in this community, trying to convince others that they need to buy this new hub, lest their existing one is going to cause issues...


Any hub model, including the C-3. :slight_smile:


Ah, did not know that, very cool long-term support of older models. Hubitat gets a "well done" on that. :slight_smile: