C8 Totally Unresponsive. This Common?

Hi Guys,

Went to turn on my coffee maker tonight, but my several week old C8 totally unresponsive, from my phone with with the Hubitat "app" (if you can it that) or from my MacBook with a hardwired connection. Nothing. I went down to basement see it seemed to have power and the LED on it was green. Unplugged the USB power cable to it, waited 10 seconds or so and plugged it back in....after a bit the LED went from blue to green....then I could access it from both iPhone and MacBook. It was "Currently running version:", I just did a backup and updated it to, we'll see if that helps.

My question is, is this a common thing?? Lucky I was home to "fix" this...if I was away it would not be good, as I use Zwave devices to help monitor house and help run boiler/heat. I was trying Hubitat to eventually maybe replace my VeraPlus, but it needs to be reliable. Also the lack of a decent phone has me re-considering things, using CSS to set up controls for my devices is, sorry, really lame too.


Please provide your hub model (C7, C8, etc.) and its platform version from Settings>Hub Details.

Check out the following post for help troubleshooting problems and gathering details that will help others to identify and solve the problem you are experiencing: ‼ READ FIRST - Before Posting in Get Help

Not common. I never saw this on my C-5, which I migrated to a C-7, never saw it on the C-7, which I migrated to my C-8 11 months ago. So, that’s several years on a succession of hubs, never seen that problem.

Of course, if your C-8 isn’t on a UPS, then you might see such freezing if you have power line issues. I’ve always had my hubs on a UPS, and I believe it’s the wise and standard best practice.

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I assume you mean the hub UI was not accessible? Were you getting any error messages?

If this happens again, see if the hub diagnostic tool can access the hub:


If you need to, use the Diagnostic Tool to shutdown or reboot the hub. Just unplugging it is not friendly to the hub database, can cause corruption.

Amy recent changes to the hub, new devices or integrations, changes in apps?


One other thing that is recommended is a DHCP reservation for the hub on your router. Not uncommon for the hub to get a new IP address after a few days if this isn’t done.



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See above.

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No error messages.

If this happens again, see if the hub diagnostic tool can access the hub:<<
....will do. Yea, I saw that on here somewhere after I rebooted it.

Amy recent changes to the hub, new devices or integrations, changes in apps?<<
....no, in fact my Hubitat set up is fairly bare-bones, I really only have 5 zwave devices on it as I test it out.

Thanks for the reply

I did do a DHCP reservation for it in my router when I set it up. I have one for my EnvisaLink 2DS board (for my DSC alarm panel) too, although I have not tried moving that over from the VeraPlus to the Hubitat yet.

Thanks for the reply.

Reading the post that was in the post template (that you posted) and answering all the questions in there will prevent a lot of back and forth asking of question. One of the things in there is to check the diag port to see if that is working (which obviously you cannot do unless it happens again).

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I provided all the info I had, if I had an error report I'd have posted that too.

And a "lot of back and forth" was someone who missed seeing the color of my LED and some posts with images of coffee cups. It did not bother me at all, sorry it bothered you.

Good grief, I really appreciated the friendly feedback from the guys. But I'll take note of the very precise rules for post a question.


....And I DID "provide your hub model (C7, C8, etc.) and its platform version from Settings>Hub Details." so....

Its not a rule, it is highly suggested though. Did you click the link to the post and read it?

Here are additional things asked in there which I do not see info for. These are all things that people will ask you to determine recommendations. It is also helpful if the info is all in one post instead of scattered in multiple posts.

Unresponsive Hub Web UI

  • Make sure that the device you are using to access the hub's web interface is connected to the same local network as the hub.
  • Try to connect to the diagnostic tool on port 8081:
    -> Hubitat Diagnostic Tool | Hubitat Documentation
  • You can at least do a proper shut down from there, and restart
  • Try to ping the Hub IP (optional)
  • Try a Network Reset: Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation
  • If still having issues post results of these tests in your topic!

Connection / Goes Offline

  • How is it connected to the LAN?
    • Ethernet / Wifi
    • Static IP set on Hub or DHCP
    • DHCP Reservation set on Router/Server?
  • How is Hub being powered? Supplied power block or other (explain)
  • Brief explanation of network topology.
  • Brief explanation of firewall / DNS / DHCP services.
  • Is Jumbo Frames enabled anywhere on the LAN?
  • How many devices total (approx) and mix between Zwave, Zigbee, LAN/Wi-fi
  • What user / custom integrations are you using for LAN/IP/Cloud based connections?
  • Screenshots of Past Logs from the incident, and also of any errors being generated recently.

....that was my central question. Really nothing to do with my particular circumstances, or information provided, or not (though I provided all the information I had, IF I had error codes I'd have put that in my "report" too). And as I stated, I had already restarted, updated it and had it working before I even came to the forums here just to ask "My question is, is this a common thing??". I was not asking for technical assistance in diagnosing it in any way. Though I appreciated the guys who were kind enough to reply with their thoughts, I'll look to see if there are rules on how to reply to people on here too to "prevent a lot of back and forth". Wouldn't want to go afoul of the posting rule book. But it does seem you missed my original question, else we could have "prevented a lot of back and forth" here. :roll_eyes:

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The answer to that question appears to be "no," consistent with the answer provided in the first reply and relatively few other posts on the topic. However, there are some tweaks in 2.3.8 for network reconnection if this is a problem for you.

It seems you are not interested in troubleshooting, so I'm not sure what value there is in additional discussion. A moderator can close this topic if you don't have additional questions.

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Someone responded to that on the first reply.


Re-opening per a PM from the OP that they may be interested in additional discussion from users who have already replied. (This topic will be re-closed if it derails or there is additional heat, either in public or private PMs.)

Moving to Lounge since that seems more appropriate. :slight_smile:

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Interested to know if you are able to access your hub via the Diagnostic Tool if the lockup happens again. You find the tool at:


If you are able to access your hub, choose the option to reboot from there, rather than pulling the plug, so you don't potentially damage your hub's database.

The other thing you can do is monitor your hub's free memory at:


That will give you a running view of your hub's free memory - if it drops low (usually not until 150 or less) issues can develop. Good info to have when troubleshooting.