C8 running - memory question

I have C8 running

I disabled all apps, other than dashboard, RM only to reboot when the I get low memory under 120,000 and stays for 30 mins. I added the RM rule after I noticed the memory issue and added the RM reboot rule because the C8 locked up and is remote from me.

I only have the following zigbee devices

I only have a few door contacts, 1 relay, 1 temp/humidity

I rebooted at 10/31/2023 05:14:48.736 am, cleared memory so I can monitor the memory

The memory continues to deplete, now less the 12 hours the memory is at 173,852, will continuing to slowly deplete

I'm running the Hub Information Driver v3.0.29,, poll rate every 5 minutes, only the basic variables being polled

The C8 should be idling with near everything disabled.

Does the C8 OS have a known memory leak?

Do a soft reset and see if that helps. It has been found to help on some occasions with what is perceived as a memory leak.

And how is that done?

Settings > Backup
Download a local backup and then restore it right away (which also does a soft reset).

This will probably fix the rapid decline of memory issue.

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I'm remote from the hub, I have no local network access. Will I loose remote access during this process?

Can a backup and restore be done with "remote access" is really the question.

Yes, hub will reboot and come back online as it was before.

ok, done, I will monitor memory and see if this fixed the issue

Thanks for your support

I wanted to let you know that as of this morning, myC8 still is up and running, holding memory. Your recommendation appears to have solve my issue

Thanks for the great support


So when dealing with my problems recently I've been doing a soft reset followed by a cloud backup restore. Is it not necessary then to do the soft reset first even when restoring from cloud backup?

Correct you do not need to do a soft reset first if you are restoring a backup, and if you use a cloud backup you DO NOT need to restore zwave/zigbee radios unless you have reset them (which should not be needed). Here are my tips: πŸ›ŽοΈREAD FIRST - Before Posting in Get Help

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Another update this morning- my C8 is still solid and running great now that I did the backup/restored recommendation

I just wanted to share some feedback to the group