C8 migration

I have a C5 and just installed the C8. I followed the instrutions but did not see a C8 migration on settings but did do a backup. I did the install and it updated firmware and I did a restore from the file. All the devices and apps show up but I can't manually control any of the devices.

Also I have a yearly subsciption. I noticed under subscribtions that both hubs are shown and it said for me to deregister the C5. Will the subscription be automatically transferred to the C8?

If you have Hub Protection on the C5 you won’t see the migrate button just the normal cloud backup option. I wouldn’t do anything with the C5 until you have the C8 working. Assuming you restored the cloud backup from the C5 to the C8 and selected the options to restore both radios and the database, correct?

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Never saw radio buttons. It said restore database so I restored the file. All apps and devices are there but they don't work.

ya you need to check those options to restore the zwave and zigbee radios.. otherwise those sections will be empty and you just restored your devices/database section and they will do nothing.. Are you sure you used the cloud backup to restore that is the only way it will work .

No I didn't I used the local. Let me try to get the cloud backup.

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Thank you. All works now. I also tried to deregister the C5 hub and I hit cancel but it brought me to the subscription page. I just did the subscription last month. I don't know how to transfer it to the new hub. Any ideas?

contact @support_team

Yes, please check out this post:

Glad you got it working but here is why what you did didn't work. Local backups do not backup the radios only the cloud backups do. Normally that's covered under hub protect but or migrating from the c5/c7 to the c8 Hubitat allows it. So when you restored from file it didn't restore any of the radio information and that's why it didn't work. I do recommend Hub protect though, so i anything catastrophic happenes, you can restore to a new c8 in full including the z-wave and zigbee radios.

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