C8 Migration

If I understand correctly, if I would like migrate my current hub which does not have a cloud backup subscription I would need to purchase for $30 a subscription for the old hub as well as a second $25 subscription for the new hub to be able to restore it from the cloud. Is this correct?

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They’re offering a free migration from older hubs to a C8, so you don’t have to purchase anything to do that.


But the existing Hub Protect doesn't transfer to the new hub??

Not automatically as I understood

Not exactly but you can get it covered.

Besides what @marktheknife mentioned, that migration to C-8 comes free, I would also like to clarify that for Hub Protect current and prospective users, the service enables scheduled cloud backup that can be used to restore on any Hubitat Elevation hubs without the need to purchase additional license for the new hub.


If you mean the existing cloud backup, then it does, and we added Zigbee migration to the existing service. Just be sure to create a fresh cloud backup after updating to the latest platform release.

If you mean the subscription itself, then no, it is bound to the existing hub, but see above post for an alternative solution.