C8 Migration - Motion Zone Controller Rules NOT working


Non technical person here

Tried to migrate from a C7 to C8 today followed all the steps. More or less everything (Z wave sensors, Zigbee sensors, some Zigbee bulbs and a lot of Hue/INNR bulbs connected to a Hue hub) is working fine BUT the Motion Zone controller in RM is not working. This is a problem because I have several motion sensor aggregations (bathroom, living room etc) in place which are designed to prevent the lights from shutting off until all the sensors in an 'aggregate' have not detected any motion for X minutes. Tried the following

  1. Deleting and installing motion aggregation zones
  2. Rebooted C8 several times
  3. Re-Restored (from cloud backup)

Can't get the motion control to work in rule machine. The individual motion sensors in the aggregations are working (they go 'active' on the app and if I program a rule for any of them to trigger the lights on motion, they do)

I've ended up going back to the C7 for now where motion zoning is working fine. Is this a known "BUG" in C8?? Any fixes or suggestions?

Thanks in advance

This doesn't solve the issue you're having w/Motion Zones, but have you just tried directly adding motion sensors you want to act on to an automation?

For example, in Room Lighting I have an automation that triggers a light if any of a number of sensors are activated, and only turns it off when all sensors are inactive. I've used this for ages and haven't had any issues w/it. I'm only turning on one light, but you can add as many lights as you want, of course:

And similar in Rule Machine (I've added a 2m "and Stays inactive for" on this example):

Do you have a specific need for motion zones that can't be accomplished w/out them? Main reason at this point for motion zones seems to be when you are using the same set of motion sensors across multiple automations, so would save you a a few minutes when you have to add/update sensors in the zone. If you're creating a separate zone for each automation, might as well just add the motion sensors directly to the automation. Should not be any difference in the result, AFAIK.

Wow, thanks for the suggestion. So this is a separate "app" one has to install on HE?

The reason I started using motion zones was on the advice of smart folks here:

I guess I can try to figure out how I would install the lighting app and above config on my system, thanks so much.

So I'm guessing that motion zone is 'broken' on C8 then?

Thanks so much for replying

Appears to work for me...I had a zone I had created but am no longer using - it's registering motion as far as I can tell:

Room Lighting should be intalled by default on your C8, if not, you can add it from the "Add Bulit-in App" button on the Apps tab: