Newbie needs help with Rule Machine - Inhibit Sensor 1 if Sensor 2 is triggered


Medical professional here so this is all new and challenging for me. Will appreciate the help

Recently switched from ST to Hubitat C7 and so far liking it a fair bit. Reason to switch was (1) ST going obsolete and (2) more flexibility with HE. My question relates to this flexibility

Diagram attached.

In the bathroom I have an Ecolink Z wave motion sensor that kicks in when you walk through the door. It's set to (using the BASIC RULES app) to turn the lights off if no motion is detected for 3 minutes. As the Ecolink is set to a very low cooling time (10 seconds) as long as you're in the main bathroom the lights stay triggered ON. When you walk out the lights go off in 3 minutes.

However ..... as you can see in the figure, the "can" (a.k.a. "throne") is relatively isolated behind a small wall in the bathroom so motion Sensor 1 can't detect motion. For this purpose I put a SECOND Ecolink motion sensor (Sensor 2) on the wall so when on the throne your back faces it. It works fine in terms of detecting motion. Cooling time is set to the least (10 seconds). However ....

When on the "throne" I notice that even if I've just moved (so Sensor 2 was "active" 5 seconds ago) when the 3 minutes of Sensor 1 countdown is up, it triggers the lights off. Of course if I move a bit Sensor 2 will trigger the lights back on. But that brief period of darkness is annoying. For some reason on Smartthings with the same arrangement, Sensor 2 would "inhibit" the switching off triggered by Sensor 1 (at least that's my impression).

WHAT I WANT: Ideally I'd like Sensor 1 to trigger the lights off after 3 minutes of inactivitiy UNLESS Senor 2 has been triggered in the last 60 seconds. If Sensor 2 was triggered, Sensor 1 should wait X minutes then repeat the "lights off" schedule (i.e., trigger lights if it sees no motion for 3 minutes).

WHAT I NEED: help with writing the syntax as I have no idea and really beyond my capacity (healthcare worker LOL)

Can anyone help?

Will be very grateful

Why not use Zone Motion Controller | Hubitat Documentation

You probably want

A Motion Aggregation Zone activates whenever any one of the motion sensors in a zone are activated, and it will remain active until all the motion sensors in the zone are no longer detecting movement and the Activity Timeout period has not expired.


OMG thank you - will try it soon. One quick question - the individual sensors have "time outs" (3 minutes) set in the basic rule machine - do I leave those time-outs as is or just program the sensors to turn on when activated (and the Zone Motion controller deactivates them)?

Zone motion controller has its own timeout parameters but they do not control the device timeouts. Each motion sensor has the potential for several timeout parameters but not all motion sensor device drivers allow you to change them. These are changed at the driver level for the device.

My Aeotec motion sensors have a "motion clear time" and a "motion re-trigger time." Other drivers call them different things or may not expose both at all. Basically the motion clear time determines how long after detecting motion does the sensor report no motion. If it's set for 30 seconds even one second of motion will cause the sensor to go active for 30 seconds. The motion re-trigger time determines how long after going inactive will the sensor go active again after it detects motion.

A motion aggregation zone also has a timeout parameter, an activity timeout. That's the period the zone motion controller waits for additional activity from its component motion sensors before going inactive.

If your motion sensors all have timeouts of 3 minutes and your aggregation zone has a timeout of 5 minutes it will be at least 8 minutes after the last motion before the aggregation zone goes inactive.

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Thank you so much for replying. Noted. Will work on it and report back - I'm traveling for work so will be about a week before I report back.

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