C8 Migration Hue Motion Sensors not working [Solved] (hub replacement)

Early indications(12 Hrs) are that the replacement hub has solved the issues, Hopefully this trend continues. I will keep you posted.

Has the stability continued? I'm looking for some guidance on whether it's worthwhile to pursue a warranty replacement for Zigbee issues--in my case, with my C8 Pro.

I've unplugged my HE for the moment. Running things in HA now, I have things running well, with the exception of a relatively new (but the older SLM002) Outdoor Hue sensor.

My network repeats great, and with HA, I originally put all my Hue sensors back into the Hue hub. Then there were issues sorting which sensors used the Occupancy entity with a 10-15 second detection periods instead of the Motion entity when brought into HA, but got that sorted. Part of the reason to put Hue accessories back was for their update's sake.

In the end, I am left with that one outdoor Hue motion that drops from the network every couple of days, requiring it be reset and added back. Be it Hue or HA. Annoying enough to retire it. Stuff happens? Not a bad track record in my experience, IMO. I still have some originals (4-5 years) working, and showing 100% battery.

I'm also lost about 2 of those over the last 3 years, to Sapsuckers breaking into the white plastic cover, only to get a "No soup for you!" But that's another story [g].

I am happy to report my replacement C8 has been rock solid with no Zigbee issues.


Thanks--that's good to know.

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I received and installed a replacement C8 (warranty claim) and am pleased to report that all the Zigbee problems have been resolved. My battery sensors (several HUE Outdoor and NYCE indoor ) now connect directly to the hub reporting strong signal strength and have been up for days now with zero issues. Convinced now that there was a radio issue with original hub.

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