C8 Migration Hue Motion Sensors not working [Solved] (hub replacement)

I just upgraded last week from C7 to C8, everything seemed to go great. However I am now starting to notice a lot of my motion rules not working, or showing up in logs to even troubleshoot.

For example, I am using a zoozs dimmer switch with a hue motion sensor. Using the Motion and Light App, I created a simple rule, when motion is detected turn on light. I have enable all logging for the app, motion sensor and switch. However the rule is not working, and there are no entries in the logs. This is also happening on several other motion rules using Inovelli switches and hue motion sensors.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing, and is there something I am missing to see the logs run?



Are the hue motion sensors still connected and reporting the motion events? You can check the events tab for motion events.

Thanks, looks like I need to re-pair my hue sensors. I didnt remove them just used a paperclip to reset and do a zigbee pairing in hubitat, which it re-found and is now working.

Keep an eye on it. There have been reports (including from me) about Hue motion sensors and other devices falling off and not working post-migration. Most of the ones I've seen have been outdoor motion sensors. Sounds like yours are indoor.

One of my Hue (Outdoor) Motion Sensors "fell off" the network too.

I'm down 6 for the last month or so. Re-paired 3 or 4 times. They usually last a day or two.

Yes all my hue outdoor ones also dropped and will need repaired. All my NYSE ones seem to work fine

FYI the reason it doesn't show up in the logs is the sensor is no longer reporting events, so there's nothing to log. The rule is likely working fine otherwise. Might want to change the title of the post.

All my INDOOR hue motion sensors have been working fine since migration (24 hours ago). Am I to understand from those having issues with such sensors that they dropped off some time(?) after migration?

That was my experience.

I have also notice that my Motion Zone Controller rules stopped working. I did try to delete them and put them back in but no go.

I believe mine worked right after migration, but slowly over the week they started dropping.

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Hhhm, maybe I will delay the Migration Victory party for a while. I usually have low expectations when I jump on something as new as the C8 but everything has been going so well I had hoped I was over the hump. Maybe not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don't feel bad. I've been running around outside re-pairing them for the last month. In February. in New England. Brr. At one point Mike said "if you have to bring them into the kitchen to pair them they may be out of range." No, I need to bring them in because there's snow on the ground and it's COLD out there!


Well, mine are all indoor sensors. Not sure if that makes any difference. How long after migration did you notice them dropping??

overnight maybe for the first ones... then progressively worse. I have a couple INNR plugs doing the same thing.

My Hue Outdoor sensor appears to have dropped off again yesterday evening.

Mine too

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Just a me-too post here. All indoor Hue motion sensors are working great after migration to the C8, while the Hue outdoor sensors are getting stuck / dropping off.

Another "me too." All indoor Hue motion sensors are fine. The outdoor Hue sensor dropped off again. It took me two tries to get it to repair today. I only have one, thank goodness. Every other device is working fine.

After it repaired, I noticed that the zigbee routing table had cleared out and was rebuilding itself. I don't know if this is significant or not.