C8 Migration from C7

So you should be putting out flyers to everyone else in the area NOT to switch to Starlink, that awy you will maintain your undersubscribed status! :wink:


Thanks, excellent write up and I will have it close at hand when my C-8 arrives tomorrow, hopefully not at 10pm... :wink:


Wouldn't matter its under subscribed because there are not enough people in the area. .lol


And at.least 25k (est) of those people are in an area that have spectrum for less money.

Just getting roof shoveled off at said rural location lol


This could be a bigger deal to some, so thank you for calling it out. MakerAPI or LAN apps using OAUTH need to be adjusted on the client side (iPhones for Geofency, etc).


This might be a unique case, I have a C4, C5, C7, C8 comes tomorrow. Currently I have my C5 running with my C4 radio and apps running on my C7. Is there any migration from the C5 with USB radio to the C8 ? I migrated to the C5 from the C4 due to processing power etc, moving the radio was the best option available then.

AFAIK, you can’t migrate from a dongle. I was in a similar situation C4 to C5 with dongle, to C7 with no dongle. Here is what I had to do. Same would apply for C8 as there isn’t a way to restore the USB zwave/zigbee memory to the on-board radios.


I am not sure I am following you, does the migration tool re-write the base station Mac of the radios. Are you saying I should go from 5e > 7 > 8. I am calling my 5e the 5 with the external usb

You can’t use migration tool if you have an external radio. Migration does more than rewrite the base station address, there is also a database of pairings stored on the radios (or in the USB).

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I think I am mentally and physically trying to deny that it's a complete rebuild of my system....but it's sure sounding that way

From what I understand if you are using an external zwave dongle you cannot migrate the zwave nodes. The device entries should carry over but not the actual zwave mesh info.

You could migrate your hub database and apps, but zwave would need to be paired again and then you could use the swap apps feature to shift the app links from the old ghosted device to the new device.


Fortunately, this will be the last time you'll need to manually move devices from the external USB to internal radios. I know is not ideal, but look at the brighter side, the next time you'll have to do this, it will be easier even than when you moved the stick from the C-4 to the C-5.

This helps allot, so I would just have to re-pair all devices then do some app clean up.

Yes in theory. I have asked what would happen if you get a duplicate DNI collision between one of the ghosted devices and a new node being paired and I got "not sure". So I guess if you find out let us know! Maybe I will test it on my dev hub, I could make a fake device with the next DNI coming up and then join a device and see what it does.

Follow my guide above. It covers the use of swap devices to make it as easy as possible. Not going to sugarcoat it, it was time consuming.

Sumthin sumthin goin' on...didn't break anything yet, but I did almost choose the wrong C7 (I have two) to replace at one point. I should not be allowed to do this stuff on my own. :wink:

One thing I noticed...my C-8 came w/, so you could do the FW update to before doing the restore...one less thing to do after and you don't have to take a backup before doing the update if you do it before the restore. :slight_smile:


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@bcopeland and others who've previously migrated...is it normal to have mostly no routes showing in the Z-Wave Details page? Cache being re-built?

I can do a shut-down/restart, but just wondered if this is expected or just a random "oops" from the update.

I read that routes do not migrate and you will just have to wait for things to settle down.

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Thanks, that's actually what I would prefer, so good to hear. Expecting majority of my routes to end up being direct w/the new antennas. :slight_smile:

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Run a full repair it will help it get going quicker.

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