C7 wont include z-wave but C4 has no issues

I am migrating my zwave devices from my C4 to a new C7. The C4 excludes the devices without any issue. When I try to include the devices to the C7 the inclusion times out and the devices aren’t found. I go back to the C4 and run the zwave inclusion and the devices are recognized quickly and are included without any issues.

I have performed a soft reset on the C7 and still have the same issue. What can I do to fix the issue.

Thank you!

Try ALSO starting an Exclude on the C7. In other words, Exclude from C4 then another Exclude on the C7. You should see words similar to: "an unknown device was excluded" on the C-7.

I use that method on all my devices, new out of the box or moved from another hub. It tells you that the C-7 can communicate with the device. A factory reset of the device you're moving is another option, but I like the Exclude First method because it confirms that the hub and device can actually communicate with no risk of creating a ghost.


Also, check your past Logs, if you didn't already, it might tell you why the inclusion is timing out.

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I tried to exclude the zwave devices on the C7 first, but their is no communication to the device. I go back to the C4 and do an exclusion and the device excludes.

I have tried disabling the zwave radio and re-enabled it. I have even reset the zwave radio.

If you were unable to include any devices, please send me your C7 MAC address so we can check your hub's engineering logs, to make sure that you are not dealing with a hardware malfunction.


Just to ask my stupid question: the C-4 can have a dongle for the Z-Wave radio. Is your C-7 set to the same Z-Wave region as your devices? The C-7 can change Z-Wave frequencies.


You should not post that number publicly.

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Both are in the US.

Are the C4 and C7 next to each other? Maybe too close that they are interfering with each other? Maybe shut down the C4 temporarily?

Did you try a full power down from the settings menu, then pull the cord from the wall for 30 seconds before rebooting the C7 and see if that made a difference?

How close are you trying to include (exclude) devices from the C7. When I migrated, the mesh was very weak at first on the C7 and pairing was pretty painful. I couldn't pair in place or very far from the hub. Once I got the first few repeaters (or repeating devices) to pair, it went better.


@Stat Did any z-wave device pair, or did you at least get a failed pairing message on anything?

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No device paired.

did you perform the z-wave hub firmware update? I used to have issues with my C7 prior to the firmware update for z-wave


Can you post your z-wave details page?

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