C7 vs c8

i have a c7 right now and i saw that the c8 released why should i migrate. what features do i gain from upgrading

I think if you read through the various threads you'll find lots of answers but basically what you get from upgrading are newer zigbee and zwave chipsets, external antennas (which provide much greater coverage), and built-in wifi. You also get the ability to back up and restore both the z-wave and zigbee databases, assuming you have hub protect. (Hub protect is not required for the migration though.)


If you are happy with your C7:

  1. Never touch a running system!
  2. Buy the C8 as a hardware backup, put it in a safe place.
  3. Cloud backup regularly!
  4. In case of emergency: Easy migration... :blush:
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Latest z-wave chip (includes z-wave long range protocol) Faster processing speed)
Latest zigbee 3.0 chip (faster processing speed)
With antennas devices tend to connect straight to the hub making things faster