C7 vs c3

I know there has been much discussion on this. I’m considering upgrading to the C7 primarily for the backup capability that is about to be launched... Does the C7 provide any hardware improvements that may provide future capabilities worth considering ? I vaguely recall seeing something about support for Ring devices ?

Yes it does. See the announcement post from when the hub started shipping last month:

My advice is to wait... 1) for the service to actually be available, and 2) for those initial hiccups to be smoothed.

The 33rd Customer will be smoother than the 3rd, I predict :smiley:

I don't have Ring so I might have skipped over it, but I don't remember anything about Ring in the announcement.

Includes support for the Ring 700 series devices, many new drivers for those devices C7 only.

From the 2.2.2 RELEASE NOTES:

  • Ring Alarm Keypad Gen1 ( C7 Required )
  • Ring Alarm Keypad Gen2 ( C7 Required )
  • Ring Alarm Motion Gen2 ( C7 Required )
  • Ring Alarm Contact Gen2 ( C7 Required )
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WOW.. thanks!!


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