C7 Stops running automations and will not work zWave devices

I do wonder about the performance of running hubconnect and RuleEngine4 on Hubitat. I keep reading about performance issues, people buying a second Hubitat to run rules, etc....This is one reason I was considering Home Assistant running on a RasberryPi as a connector between the two. I'm already using the RaspberryPi for Sonos Api, Pi-Hole (everyone needs this badly) and MQTT. HA is on it and trying to get arlo events,.

I like where Hubitat is aimed at, but I do really miss how easy SmartTHings was. If only they'd have a local only option with WebCore (LocalCore maybe) fewer people would leave that platform. Or many, like me, are considering running both because of integration issues, firmware updates and general z-wave instability. OR, Hubitat could fix these z-wave issues and I'd throw ST in the bin.

Are these ZSE40 4-in-1 battery powered sensors? If so, S0 will run the batteries down very quickly and then in their dying process will stop working reliably and will adversely affect your mesh. These sensors need to be paired unsecurely, but that that is only possible by using a secondary Z-Wave controller and PC Controller software.

Indeed, the two devices I have left that have S security are a Kwikset 916 lock and the zse40 sensor. I cannot figure out how to join them with no security, but I'll keep trying if that might be an issue. I didn't think it'd destabilize the mesh because they're battery powered so other z-wave devices shouldn't connect through them. Is this not correct? The battery in the zse40 only lasts a month, but it is in the kitchen. I'm really using it for motion at night (lux) to turn on some above cabinet lighting as a night light.

Mine didn't last much more than a week when paired S0. They can impact your mesh as S0 is "chatty" and I suspect extra chatty when dying. As I said, you need a Z-Stick and PC Controller to pair them insecurely to a C7.

If you only need lux, I'd recommend Hue Zigbee motion sensors. They're about the same price as the ZSE40s from Costco. The lux reporting is much more precise as well. And they take AAA batteries.

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I'm using hubconnect for HE and ST. and learning node red to offload the other HE hub with the potential (if I can figure it out enough not to bring my network down) of just using Node Red for rules, it is on its own rPi.

I forgot to add this: [RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)

Is the Release candidate for v2.0 stable? the link says that version 1x is out of development/support as of april 2020

Update: Repeater installed, custom drivers for all switches installed, zwave repair ran twice. Only a Kwikset Lock and the ZSE40 are S0 security, but I don't have a PC/Zwave stick to rejoin the ZSE40 MS without security, and the Kwikset lock seems difficult, as there are no actual Kwikset drivers. It's using a Sledge driver right now, but I'm not sure why.

So, every Z-Wave device has at least 1 other z-wave device to hop. So far nothing is using the repeater. However, every automation/switch has worked all day. So, maybe the issue I was really having wasn't signal strength, it was the S1/2 security errors and using generic drivers. I'll check in again after a few days to let everyone know if I'm still having z-wave issues.

Again, thank you to everyone on this forum for their help. No thank you to Hubitat support as they were of absolutely no help, really on par with SmartThings there. Very disappointing, but you all stepped up and offered great advice. So, again, Thank you!

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i converted all my kwikset 912 914 916 to zigbee. i just bought used other locks or the amazon kits and pulled the cards out and added to the locks.. they work much much better now on zigbee.

I installed V 2.0 RC2 on ST and the hub and it seems to work as advertised. I had an issue with an error message on my second C2 and my Server C7 so I've taken it off the client till I get the zWave sorted out.

It will take a while for the devices to find the repeaters and use them consistently assuming that it's actually a better path for them and there are actually mesh issues to begin with.

ya i wish we could but route hints in. As you say if there are no mesh issues. ie its taking one or two hops and you get .6 -.8 sec times it wont automatically switch even though the better route takes half the time.. Ive gotten some to switch to using the repeater by using node level repair a few times.. and now at least it seems to be sticking.

Well, I don't know if it was the generic drivers or the S security messing with my z-wave, but things are much better now. 1 device shows 9.6kbs, 1 shows 40 kbs and the rest are all 100. Devices not in the same room as the hub have 2 or 3 hops, none using the repeater yet. But, the great news is, I woke up and all z-wave devices are still working, regardless of what the z-wave details section shows.

As for the lock, it seems to be working even though it's S0. I don't mess with the digital keys, we only use a code or unlock/lock from the dashboard, so I don't know if all the features are ok.

Just throwing in my issue as well to this thread - will contact support shortly. Very few application running on the C7 since all of my automation has been moved to NR. Roughly 80 ZWave devies on the network with most being GE dimmer or fan switches. Constantly losing control, for weeks, of random ZWave switches. Reboot seems to fix it for anywhere from an hour to a day.

Looking at the routing there are no common devices in the path and when the devices stop responding the logs no longer register any events for the device when I attempt to turn it on or off from the Hubitat GUI. My dining room GE switch, as an example, is no longer responding and shows a last update time of 9:30pm last night. Went years and never had this kind of issue with ST.

Rebooted the hub while writing this and now everything is working perfectly. Also noticed that my ZWave stick I use with Z-Wave PC controller to validate routing and health was showing as "OK" in the ZWave settings section even after doing a refresh and repair. It's showing exactly the same after the reboot. It's been unplugged for almost 24 hours.

I wonder if anyone without GE switches/dimmers is having these problems. It seems to be a common element.

Dunno. Out of my 75+ devices around 60 of them are GE switches/dimmers. I'm having no issues at all. So I'm not sure having GE devices is really a factor.

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Suspect it's some kind of combination... I have mainly GE devies with Yeelight WiFi bulbs, several Zooz 4 in 1 sensors, two Ecobee thermostats, two Ring repeaters (added in an attempt to solve the original issue) and several GoSund (SP) plugs running Tasmota plus Hue bulbs.

On the application side most everything is in NRed. For the sake of comparison, if it helps anyone else, I'm running CoCoHue, Ecobee Suite Manager, IFTT Integration, Life360 Tracker, Maker API for NR, Tasmota for the WiFi plugs, Tesla Connect (recent addition, issues prior) and the Yeelight out of box integration and the Amazon Echo Skill.

I did a complete soft-reset back about a week ago. Everything seemed great for about three or four days, no issues at all. I highlight seemed since I just have my perception vs. detailed data but now I'm right back to unresponsive ZWave switches.

FWIW, this is what still really bothers me... Unplugged for nearly 24 hours, USB stick is sitting on my table. Refresh, Repair and reboot.

Some Z-Wave sticks have internal batteries, donโ€™t know what type you have - it may still be alive. Have you tried excluding it?

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Fair statement, hadn't thought about that. Did check after reading your post, though, Nortek HUSBZB-1, doesn't have a battery.