C7 stop working and never get restored

I have C7 and it worked for years. After last upgrade it suddenly stop working.
Now the app only suggesting to restore from found backups, but when I try to do that it keep circling and never get back.
How I can restore it into working state again?

Here is a similar thread that might give you some ideas what to look for and what additional details you may want to provide so that others can help you get your hub back online:

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As I understand the problem was in the router. I also had some freaky behavior from mine.
This encourage me the reboot my C-7 one more time (I did that before without any success) and now it worked. Don’t know what was the problem, but now I have local connection. Hub seems working.
My next problem: it fails to create cloud backup to migrate to C-8, which I got. I filed separate topic about it. This one I guess is solved, even though I don’t know why it didn’t work and why start working again.