C7 not working when LAN is down

I have an issue with my router, where it locks up sometimes, and needs to be rebooted. I added a Zooz double plug (zwave), and decided to just reboot the router every night at 3 AM. set up the basic rule, to power down the plug at 3am, then power up at 3:01. I figured, since the zwave radios and network, dont need my LAN to work, this should be fine, however, once the router is powered down, the second part of the rule wont fire.

Is this expected behavior? should i look for a plug that has a "power cycle" cycle instead, so its just a single operation, not two?

Please tell me this isn't a Zen25.

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It is. Got it for free as a bonus item around Christmas. Is this a bad plug?


Not expected behavior (unless the hub is on the same outlet), so I would suspect there maybe something else going on. You should be able to get some more information by enabling logging on the device and rule and then triggering the rule and examining the resultant logs.

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This is not an answer to your rule question and since I only have a C5 hub I don't have any issues with my ZEN25s (with proper settings). The auto-on feature with the ZEN25 has always worked flawlessly for me and I used it for the same purpose of restarting a router. It's in the firmware of the plug and has always worked for me. Just set it for a minute and it will turn on one minute after it's been turned off.

Could also be some other device/app that is causing the issue and not necessarily the device itself.

Thanks. I’ll look into this thread and apply any changes/updates.

This might be exactly what I need. So the auto on part is a device parameter? As in, not a command sent by the hub?

I’ll set up the logging and see what comes in. Thanks for the suggestion.

It’s on the device page. The settings are under the parent device. There are 2 settings that you need to set (at least with driver that I’m using). I’m using the Zooz double plug driver. You need to select the “left or right plug auto turn on Enable” and in the “left or right outlet turn on after” where you set the time. Some Zooz drivers have these 2 settings combined where you can disable it or set a time.

The thread that @neonturbo linked to is Hubitat's official recommendation for C-7 hubs, which have a 700-series radio and a different z-wave stack relative to the C-5. Zen25 double-plugs do not have any major issues with C-5 hardware, but are known to mess up C-7 z-wave meshes.