C7 hub issue with inclusion of devices

It should be much easier if you don’t get the device confused with the wrong grants the first time.. Some S2 devices don’t like not getting the grants they want..

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I think only zwave plus devices will be a struggle . Non plus devices are including easily.
Overall I appreciate the help and support. Definitely a positive experience than calling support :slight_smile:


Anytime.. You will find most in the community are very helpful.. It is an invaluable tool..


I unselected everything. And repaired it. If it freezes at initializing. Reboot the hub, run exclusion in the device again, change browser page and go back into device discovery page. And re add the device.

Make something idiot proof and they will just make better idiots!


Thanks, All - this fix just solved me being able to add a Zoom RGBW dimmer to my C-7 -- was also getting stuck @ initializing.

Ok so... I'm having the same issues... @bcopeland You said to add the switches/devices by unchecking all 3 boxes? This eliminates device security ? ?

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Why would i have this under zwave details? About 10 of them and i cant remove them.

I think those should go away on their own after a day or two. At least I think that is what I remembered reading.

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it's almost 24 hours. that would be great..

If they aren't home by tomorrow I would start asking again.

I don't remember when that part of the maintenance runs, but if it is at night, last night may not have been long enough to trigger the cleanup yet.

Try refreshing each one multiple times and you may see a force remove option. Once force removed run zwave repair.

Yup, that's another option.

Unfortunately, in my case i had to reset the hub and add all zwave devices again. But this time i would add one device and run zwave repair, reboot and then add the next device.

For anytime having pairing issues, I would suggest just stopping and waiting for the 2.2.3 release at this point.

Will probably lead to much less frustration.

Did everyone else with a C7 have this issue as well?

Did you add devices to C7 with out security ?

That update is yet to come as its still in testing. My family is so used to automation that they have forgotten what a switch is lol

Yes added without security.

What's the use of security then ?

Not necessarily. The issue is very device dependent. Some devices play nicer with the 2.2.2 release than others. I was able to get everything paired fairly painlessly, including S0 and S2 items, but I have almost 100% GE/Jasco devices, and as luck would have it they seem to play nice with 2.2.2.

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