C7 Devices dropping off (No Route)

Help! Sent to support@hubitat.com on 1/5 @ 5:06pm and haven't gotten a response, so asking the community. And a new update for a new device.

I have a newly installed C-7 and am adding some devices to it. I have added the following devices:

5 Dome On/Off Plugs (discovered as Neo Coolcam Power Plugs)
3 Zooz 4-in-1 Motion Sensors
(new) Ecolink Door Sensor

They were all discovered within the same room as the Hub and then moved to final location (Garage, just out the door of the room with the Hub). The 3 Zooz are working fine. 4 of 5 Plugs are not. 1 of the plugs is still in the room and it works fine, but as soon as I move it to the garage, it fails to respond. I checked the Z-Wave details and found there is no route to the 4 failing plugs. The Ecolink worked once and then failed. No route on it now.

I’ve tried to repair them manually but the log shows no route. Here is the last one I tried.

sys:12021-01-05 04:21:18.880 pm infoFinished Z-Wave Network Repair

sys:12021-01-05 04:21:11.865 pm warnZ-Wave Node 06: Repair failed node unreachable

sys:12021-01-05 04:20:59.635 pm traceZ-Wave Node 06: Repair is pinging the node

sys:12021-01-05 04:20:59.626 pm traceZ-Wave Node 06: Repair starting

sys:12021-01-05 04:20:50.330 pm infoRefreshing Node States

sys:12021-01-05 04:20:50.329 pm infoStarting Z-Wave Network Repair

The hub (c-7) is located right next to my C-5 and C-4 hubs that are working fine. I have rebooted the hub and shutdown and disconnected the power for 30 minutes and retried the repair. No joy.

Some of the devices were previous configured on my C-4, but some are new configuration. All were excluded from the C-4, full reset on them, and then included on the c-7


Hub Details (

Z-Wave Details

Hub Details

I look forward to your assistance.

Thanks in advance,


See this topic:

You can read through this and see that the Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor with the C7 hub can lead to Z-Wave mesh problems. There are some work-arounds but they didn't last for me and I had to move my 4-in-1's back to my C5 hub and use Hub Mesh to use them with the C7 as linked devices.

Good luck.

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I think the Ecolinks causing issues too.

Mine are Motion Sensors, not Contact sensors, so that won't work, but thanks!