C7 and Z-Wave - Disappointed again

Ok, well not sure how you missed all the other threads on this topic. But that said, now you know.

I would suggest waiting until a fix is released before trying to pair more devices. No ETA on a fix yet from Hubitat.

Otherwise your alternative is to keep rebooting, excluding, rebooting, and trying to pair again until it pairs correctly - which often it will after enough tries.

There are a number of suggestions in the other pairing issue threads of sequence of events that worked better for some.

But there is no one set of directions that will make s2 pairing work for all right now. Thus the need for a fix from Hubitat.


The whole point of me purchasing and replacing a working C5 hub is to try to create a more stable mesh. Retrying and hoping for the best at the core of my mesh is counterproductive. I'll just wait for the public beta to end. Yes, I'm tired of this.

Good decision, in my opinion. Hopefully it will be 'soon'.

I wouldn't characterize it as that. They did not see this during testing, and it was discovered post-release. They didn't intentionally release it with a known pairing issue.

It is unfortunate that it didn't get discovered in testing before release though. It is definitely frustrating for those experiencing the issue (I did, luckily I only have a few S2 devices anyway).


I didn't interpret this as turning off the S0 option at the bottom as well. The top 3 are S2 (If I remember the popup correctly) and the bottom is S0. There's been discussion about S0 offered as a fallback for cascaded devices (associations). So it's usually selected in the popup.

If that's what you meant, then yea, sorry for misinterpreting. :slight_smile:

You're right, I was unclear, and I apologize.

I've tried leaving as-is, unchecking S2 authenticate, unchecking all S2, and unchecking all (no S2 or S0). Still hangs on initialize.

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That post is the definitive word on S2 coupled with S0.. so far. :slight_smile:


Good info but shouldn't unchecking all work though? No keys exchanged, no security used.

I have an Inovelli Red Dimmer that was the first device I tried to add to the C-7.

I never did get it to join even though Mike had the Inovelli Red Switch that worked. At that time, he didn't have the dimmer to test so I moved on. The Aeon Range Extender 7 joined S2 just fine. Other than the joy of trying something new, I can't see the point of a Range Extender on S2. I've since moved it too. :smiley:

I thought so too but all my S2 devices are otherwise occupied (aka Joined to my production system) and therefore I have no way to cause the popup. I have another Range Extender and Inovelli Switch due to arrive on Friday and I can watch via Zniffer.

Perhaps @bcopeland wants to clarify this, just like he did with Grants. :smiley:


Fair enough. Public beta is hyperbole. Really frustrating though to deal with all these Z-Wave issues for months on two C5, only to run into a simple pairing issue when upgrading to a C7. I'm a huge fan of HE still. Unlucky yes. Frustrated yes...


I get that - and don't disagree. Here's hoping you have better luck after the C-7 gets updated!

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I have asked for this (in a forum post I put in Getting Started, and directly via PM to HE support) but nothing has appeared yet. That is a mistake, IMHO, as it makes unfortunate 'adventures' like yours more likely. I get the frustration, you just don't expect something as basic as pairing a switch to have a significant problem.

I hope HE not putting up a post indicates they believe they are very, very close to releasing a fix. If not, I can't imagine why they would not put up an official post named/tagged to make it very obvious to find.


I know they saw this message, at least certain people did.

They have been diligently working on it, they have said as much in other threads. I will speculate that they are waiting until they are sure they have it fixed to post something.

There is nothing worse for all parties involved for them to say "it will be fixed tomorrow" or promise that it will be fixed and then something happens during testing and throws a "broomstick into the bicycle spokes" so to speak.

It might seem like an eternity, but it hasn't been all that long, less than a week. You never know the scale of what might be involved with this fix. It could be anything from a simple easy to fix typo, up to and including some flaw in a 3rd party source code.

Thanks, @neonturbo - I think I may have confused you.

I'm not asking for post about when the fix will be ready. What they should post is:

  • Here's the problem
  • We're sorry, we're actively working on it and will get it fixed.
  • Here's our best advice for workarounds for you right now if you don't want to wait for the fix

Hope that makes more sense.


They need their next update to work or you will be even more dismissive. Give it a chance to get tested. They only shipped C7 last week..


I am a huge fan too. And I don't like to see people frustrated. That is never a good thing for a company.

I want to upgrade to a C7 but I am going to wait, like I would with any brand new thing, to do so. This is no different than the "don't buy the first model year car" theory.

I am sure this will get ironed out soon, they have a lot riding on this being successful. I hope everyone can be patient, and I personally would wait until they release the next bugfix update or next release update before trying again.


Yes, last thing anyone wants/needs is a rushed-out fix that isn't a fix. (The horror...)


Absolutely what I'm doing. I'm not doing any migration work until there is a fix that has been verified to work. Until then only light playing around w/my C7.

That doesn't mean I'm not frustrated like other new owners. One positive that should come out of this is HE determining why they had this escapee, and updating/adjusting their test plans/processes, etc., to avoid things like this in the future. At my company these events were equally painful, but if you did the right investigations afterwards you could make some important improvements to your processes and provide better customer experiences in the future.


I kinda feel this way about the updates. I know I have seen many updates come out with then .120 then .122 then 125 all within the first two weeks.. so I usually give it a good 14 days to update.

Unless there is a specific feature of fix I REALLY need I try to wait a week or so after a new release.

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I know I do...but I am the ultra paranoid privacy/security guy....I donโ€™t even keep my hub connected to the internet unless I am ready to update

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