C7 and no wired ethernet

My son bought the C7 (not doing his research) and found out that it doesn't have wifi connection.
The C8 wasnt out at the time he purchased....not sure if he could return/upgrade as its new.....
but assuming that not to be the case
is there a ethernet to wifi adapter I can plug into the C7 and make it usable ?

I have one for a C-7 I tried it out on years ago. Worked fine for me, but it was just a lark. The hub I added it to was already hard wired so I didn't need WiFi. I really just wanted to be able to, and have all the pieces, should I have a need to wander around my house with a Hub in my hand :smiley:

Adding to the above, you can also find this documented at:

You can do this on any model C-5 or newer; you just need a wired connection to set it up first on any model older than a C-8.

Any specifics on the wifi dongle you used?

Thanks all the info!

See paragraph 4 in the above-linked post for the list of supported dongles, with links to them.

Current version supports TP-Link long range , TP-Link mid-range , and TP-Link nano USB WiFi adapters. Pick one that best suits your range and packaging requirements.

thanks much ...that looks do-able !