C4 to C7

How to migrate from C4 TO C7

Personally I did the following.

  1. Take a backup of my C4 to my PC.
  2. Get the C7 all powered up and ready to go.
  3. Load the C4 backup on to my C7. (Do a soft reset and load your C4 external backup).
  4. Go to all my zigbee devices and re-pair then. They will be found as an existing device and will work to all your exiting rules.
    Now for the tricky bit.
  5. Follow Bruces guide (need to find the thread) on how to get your existing Z-Wave devices paired to your C7 hub. Using this method you do not have to re-write any rules, they will be picked up by the existing rules.
    This is very time consuming but does work.

All the way through take your time and take regular backups to your PC so that if at any stage things become non-responsive you can do a soft reset and pick up from where you left off.

Be extra careful and do one z-wave device at a time as you can get ghost devices. Check the z-wave device page reguarly.

Here's the thread I was talking about above.


Thanks, I don't have many Z Wave devices on my C4 as they are nearly all on my existing C7, it will be much easier to start afresh on the new C7 which is due to arrive and none are on any existing rules except 1 on Webcore

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Do I power down the C4 before I impose the backup to the new C7?

I don't think it makes any difference.
The only thing I would ensure is that both hubs are not on the same zigbee channel as this can potentially cause interference.

Then again, if your not using it for much, just power it down.

I won't be doing anything else that I need to monitor whilst the swap is in progress, will Alexa be affected?

TBH I've no idea. Haven't got any 'Alexa' type devices.
I suppose while both hubs are powered up and the backups are identical wi-fi devices could be affected. Don't honestly know.

Thanks again for the knowledge

As I recall, when I did my migration last September using Bruce’s guide, simply restoring the C-5 backup onto the C-7 brought the Alexa, MyQ, Lutron, and Hue integrations over effortlessly. Of course, I had to re-pair all the Z-Wave devices and build the mesh, but it really wasn’t that difficult. The only difficult part was getting rid of the Z-Wave ghost nodes that pop up during C-7 failed pairings.


You’re probably already aware of this, but just in case you aren’t …,

Some of the USB zwave radios provided with the C-4 are compatible with being migrated to a C-7 using Hub Protect.

My memory says that these dongles are short and black in color. They may have been made by zwave.me

I’m tagging @SmartHomePrimer and @bobbyD for a more definitive answer because I may have misremembered this.

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Yep. That’s what the Hub Protect Documentation says:

Hubs prior to Model C-7

  • Hubs shipped with the ZWave.Me adapter will work with Z-Wave radio migration. Model C-4 or C-5 hubs utilizing other external Z-Wave adapters do not support Z-Wave radio migration.

This is a z-wave.me Z-Wave adapter. It is compatible with Z-Wave device migration for hubs shipped to Australia, and New Zealand

Z-Wave.me adapter

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I am now ready with the new C7 loaded with all devices apps etc but not yet restarted the Zigbee devices on the new hub, I have noticed that the webcore web url does not see my new hub and if I try to open webcore from Hubitat it will not load is this normal?

Have you tried opening a new instance from the menu of webCoRE?

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I've been searching the webcore web app and the mobile app on Hubitat to do that but found nothing to do that

Thereby lies the problem I cannot open webcore from the new hub, I can open it from the web interface but can't get the code

Just for clarity.
So you have installed The 3 required webCoRE files.



I take it you cannot get this page to open when you have installed the app.


Everything shows up for webcore in the new hubs app list, however if I click to open anything all I get is a revolving arrow and the message, "opening webcore", if I let it keep on and on the hub becomes unresponsive and I have to remove the power plug and plug it back in until it boots back up again

The only files I have on my other two hubs are webcore and webcore piston in my apps code

You only need the two. Storage is for Weather I believe.
Have you enabled oauth for the main app?