C by GE

Anybody else hear about the new C by GE switches at CES? They don't need a neutral wire, so that's a big plus for those of us with older homes. Even though they don't need a hub, it would be nice if they can work with a hub to integrate with other devices and automations. Perhaps they will get some form of driver support with HE? :crossed_fingers:

They're bluetooth and wifi. Hubitat doesn't support bluetooth. And I don't know that the C architecture has an open API. So, I highly doubt a driver is possible. But it would still be a cloud implementation and that isn't really Hubitat's "thing".

Yep, two other threads have been started for the same products:

EDIT: And much as I did for the second, I'm linking to both of them here so there will always be links back to the first if anyone wishes to consolidate discussion. :slight_smile:

I stopped pointing that out to people because I always got yelled at for doing it. :upside_down_face:

Thanks. I searched for C by GE but didn't get any results.

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