C-8 unresponsive

All the sudden I seem to be either having an issue with HomeKit integration or the Hub its self. This has been working fine for months. Now all the sudden; seemly close to the same time everyday, HomeKit will show my devices that are hosted by the C-8 as unresponsive. So I login to the C-8 and try restarting the HomeKit integration; which I actually have toggled on to restart every hour, since I was having an issue with using it when I first got the Hub and that resolved the issue. Of course restarting the HomeKit integration never works and I have to restart the Hub. Then everything is ok. Another interesting scenario is that when this happens and I also try to login to the C-8, is that I get a page cannot be displayed; so I actually have to remove power from the hub to reboot it. I am not sure if it's the integration that is failing or something is wrong with the hub. What I do know is when I restart the hub by either logging in, or disconnecting power; depending on the scenario from above, it works for a period of time. It also seems to stop working at a certain time frame everyday. I looked at it many times during the day in Apple Home App and it was ok until around 8:30 ish and then all the C-8 hosted devices showed unresponsive. I also thought updating the c-8 might help since I have not done that in a while (if it's not broke don't fix it). So I updated to yesterday but today still have the same issue. Please help.

How do I get support for this issue? I am continuously having this issue. My hub is barely 90 days old and I think I have a hardware issue as more so than not when this happens I can’t access the hub and my eero network doesn’t even show the c-8 online. I have to pull power from the hub to get it back online.

What is the hub's LED color when this happens?

The hubs led is green for both scenarios.

The likelihood is high that you have something on your LAN that is sending jumbo ethernet frames (frames larger than 1518 bytes). These are known to knock the hub's network interface offline. There are two possible solutions to this:

  1. Identify the device using jumbo frames and configure it to no longer use jumbo frames.
  2. Connect the Hubitat to your router/switch via an old fast ethernet switch (i.e. a switch that is restricted to 100 Mbps). Fast ethernet switches will automatically discard ethernet frames larger than 1518 bytes, so the hub's network interface will never see them.

I want to add - you may also wish to open a warranty claim at support.hubitat.com; while in my opinion, it is unlikely, perhaps your hub does have a hardware issue

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Thanks for the response. Nothing has been added to the network since the Hubitat has been added when it was purchased. Once it was received it was setup on my network using the wireless interface and my existing z-wave devices were moved from my SmartThings hub to the c-8. It had been running good for the last few months. There were a couple glitches here and there but I found some things and answers in the community which resolved those. This is entirely new.

I don’t have an old 100mb switch to try you other suggestion.

Is it possible to have Hubitat support look into my hub? Seems like the only options I see are the community or the warranty claim route, which seems to require an authorization???

one thing that i am going to try is to disconnect the c-8 from my wireless network and have it plugged in with just ethernet. i only had it connected to the network via wireless. so i have now connected it ethernet and went into the hub settings and disconnected it from wifi. i restarted the hub for good measure.


If the hub can't connect to the cloud, we can't retrieve engineering logs either. We've got your case and will review your hub.

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I've had an issue with hub reconnecting after eero reboot and had to apply eero software update. Could not reproduce WiFi reconnect issues after the update.

With HomeKit, the challenge tends to be keeping home hubs (Apple TV/HomePod) in sync with iOS. The latter updates more aggressively, and having different versions is most frequent cause of dropped connections.


You mention that you got my case and will be reviewing my hub. Have you found anything out with my hub?

The hub is currently connected. if by chance it wouldn't be, I can restart it, so you could connect to get engineering logs. You mentioned that you have my case; I am presuming it was the warranty claim case? Is there an update to the case that you can provide? I have not heard anything since submitting 2 weeks ago.

My C8 is only 3 days old. Connected directly to my ORBI router and once a day the hub appears to lock up. I have to disconnect and reconnect power at which time it’s starts back up in about 2 minutes and runs for another 12 hours or so then I have to repeat! I really need to get this resolved!

Do you have anything on your network with jumbo frames enabled?

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Assuming my router wasn’t enabled when I set it up I have not changed. What little I know about I would not have enabled it.

I still have not received an update about this issue. Can you please provide me with some sort of update? I have even submitted a warranty claim and even though I received an email stating they received it, I have not received any updated info since June 8. Please advise.

Oh my! I can’t wait that long. I submitted my claim yesterday. Got an email today saying they reviewed it looks like it’s online and connected to the cloud and asked if there was an any other issues not power related. I didn’t see an option to describe what I’d already covered in detail with Bobby other than a power issue which really wasn’t the issue. Not sure how the warranty claim process is suppose to work when I’m told by product support to do a claim. Perhaps I misunderstood!

In any case I need to have this system up and working reliably within the next week before we head out for summer.

C-8 was locked up again this morning. Trying to login to the hub, I got the usual "page can not be displayed". Light on the hub was green. I had to remove power from the hub to reboot it. Hub is also now only connected using ethernet. I also updated the hub to I believe I have a hardware issue with my hub. Please advise.

I have also put in a second warranty claim, since I have not received and update about the first one that was put in on June 8.

When was the last time you did a soft reset? Also when it was locked up did you try going to yourhubip:8081 ?

Hard reset was the morning. Soft reset I am assuming you mean resetting by logging in? If so I did and upgrade on it this morning to bring current and it restarted then. I only tried going to the ip and got page could not be displayed. Did not pout the 8081 after it.