C-8 power requirements?

Hey, friends! I have a C-7 currently, and it's doing everything I need at the moment. Still, the C-8 has me curious. My current setup uses a PoE splitter to power the C-7 and supply ethernet from a PoE switch in a pretty crowded cabinet. I'm curious if the C-8 requires significantly more power, since I'd like to explore continuing to power it via PoE using one of these.

Does anyone know the answer?

That's the one I use on my c8, works fine.


It comes with a supply with the same specs as the C-7. It is 5v and 1 amp. It might draw slightly more power but it won’t exceed the included supply. I am still using my trusty old iPhone block since it fits nice on a power strip.

I'm currently powering mine from the 5V 3.4A shared USB power source on my power bar.

I should look into a POE setup to reduce the wall wort clutter I currently have going on under the TV stand powering a C7, C8, Aeotec V3, and a Raspberry Pi.

I just found this Thread.....
I have a C8.
So which POE splitter is good to go with ?

Thankyou in advance

This is the one I have been using with my C-8.


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I bought the one you suggested. It didn't work...so I'm returning it. Maybe I got a defective one?

Will search for an alternative

disregard my last post. In doing more research, I guess I need a POE Ethernet Switch. The Dlink ethernet switch I have is not POE. Not returning at all....Operator error for right now


I also bought the Uctronics because The same one, but not USB-C, was working with my C7, so I bought it, but with the C8, my Z-wave network didn't work. It's advertised as 5V/2.4A, so it clearly meets the 5V/1A power requirement. Maybe I have a defective unit...

Does your C-8 z-wave network work if you use the power supply the hub was sold with?

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Mine has been working without issue on a C8 hub since May. It is connected to a port on a Ubiquiti USW-Lite-16-POE (45W) switch. Check if your POE switch has enough power to support the POE adapter.

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Are you using a unifi switch?

Thats a rarity. We found the poe adapters on a unifi affect the c8 z-wave... Still not entirely sure why.

Absolutely zero issues with mine. There should be no reason a Ubiquiti Unifi POE switch is different than any other.

I think the issue, with any POE switch, is that the switch is not putting out enough POE power if it is loaded with many POE devices.

I am using a Unifi switch. Strange. It was no problem with C7. So it’s not the POE adapter. I was just about to send it back to Amazon. Guess that’s not really fair if the adapter isn’t the issue.

Mine is a USW-16-POE. I’m currently using 11.5-42w. That’s with 2APs, 1 R-Pi, and 1 VoIP cordless phone base.

Yes, it works fine with the supplied adapter. That is what I did while waiting for the PoE adapter, and what I’m doing now. I really wish Hubitat had exercised the wisdom of including solid, on-board PoE support… I absolutely would’ve taken PoE in lieu of WiFi.

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No the issue cropped up in beta with those and c8's (c7 was fine).


There shouldn't be, but during beta and initial public release showed a correlation between those POE adapters on the c8 while connected to a unifi switch with the C8 (c7 was fine) causing issues with z-wave. No one has been able to explain it but in every case when that was eliminated from the mix things were fine. I mean I use one with my c8 but I have cisco catalyst switches. It's not a matter of power but somehow some kind of weird interference I suspect.