[C-7] Zwave radio suddenly stop working after zwave radio firmware update

All, wondering whether anyone experience and know a solution for my issue below.

I have Aeotec Nano light switches (Zwave) spread out around the house from June 2021. They have been working fine until a couple of days ago. Now they stop responding at all.

I have :

  • Tried Repair Z-wave function from Settings and it didn't do anything.
  • Rebooted the hub but didn't bring the devices back
  • Power cycled the hub (unplug the cable and wait a couple of minutes before plugging it back on) and it seemed to bring the devices back for a few hours before they all went down again.
  • Soft reset the hub through Settings which brought back the devices for a couple of hours before they went down again.

It seems that the hub can only maintain zwave for a few hours before they are go down again. Any idea why ?

I have stable zwave connection, no new zwave items added lately, and this just suddenly stopped working. Hub is on its latest version.

Is the zwave radio on the hub still working?

Appreciate it if you can assist with this issue. Let me know if you need anything from me.

Is this with a C-7 Hubitat, or an earlier model? Usually when a radio shuts down, there is an ongoing extreme CPU load issue.

What do the logs show?

In the meanwhile, tagging @support_team


If you're on a C-7 hub, have you run the Z-Wave radio firmware update? Check Settings > Z-Wave Details for a Firmware Update (not plain Update) button at the top if you aren't sure. If it's there, click it--there's an update available that some report to help with a specific problem that sounds a lot like this one.

If not, there are other things it could be too--this is just where I'd start!


In addition to the spot-on advice from @aaiyar and @bertabcd1234 I'm wondering if you have a repeating zwave device that has become nonresponsive... or a zwave device that is flooding the network. If you can post a screenshot of your zwave details maybe something will pop out.

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It is C-7 Hubitat. How can I get the log because when I go to Z-Wave details at Setting and Z-Wave Logs, it shows me nothing, even when I press All button. Does this mean, the log has not been setup to record?
Can you please tell me how to get to the log?

When the issue first started, I clicked the Update button at the Zwave Details setting and it seemed to update. Now there is no device with Update.
Btw, all the zwave devices are down (Aeotec nano dimmer, Aeotec Dua Nano Switch and nano Switch, Yale Zwave lock and Aeotec Trisensor).
All devices are stable connection. I can see this because whenever I power cycled the hub, all devices come alive ASAP but then a few hours, they go down again. No response at all.

Here's how you open a log window:

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 4.47.33 PM

Power down your hub. Wait a minute. Power it back up. Open a log window. And keep it upon until z-wave devices stop working. Or you can go to the Past Logs tab and see what that shows.

Cut and paste the logs as a screenshot.

Tagging @support_team again.

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Odd indeed. Your z-wave details look good. I've not seen this before.

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Same. So I suspect there is some runaway app/driver that is causing the z-wave radio to turn off. Usually the zigbee radio turns off first. @IWiyanto - do you have any zigbee devices, and are they still working.

All the zigbee devices are alive and well. Only the zwave devices are down.
@aaiyar, following your advice, I managed to get to log. Here is a snippet from yesterday around the time it went down.
Also do you mind telling me how to cut and paste the log as a screenshot?
Sorry I am a noob.

You already have cut and paste it as a screenshot.

Still recommending you keep a live log going. So the very first messages when the radio stops working are available for support.

Will do.
Can you please tell me what to watch out for (e.g. the message)?

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Yes, if devices work sporadically the radio is usually fine. I have seen this erratic behavior when some devices within the mesh are going bad. If you could send me a private message I can check your hub's engineering logs to make sure you are not dealing with a hardware malfunction.


@bobbyD (support) has responded to you. Be sure to PM him as requested!

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I have DM him. Waiting for response now.

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Got it, thanks. I'll look at your hub in the morning. Meanwhile could you please check those devices listed on the Z-Wave Details table with 9.6kbps on the Route column to make sure they are working properly?

They appear at the edge of your mesh, at best, or may not be working at all. Four dead repeaters in a mesh could result in a frozen mesh.

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thanks @bobbyD
I have checked all 4 and they work fine. Managed to digitally turn on/off.
Screen shot of the lights I tested is below.
Let me know if I get it wrong.


@bobbyD can you please confirm that the zwave radio is still good after you looked at it? Thanks